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Inside the Lucrative Underground Market for Pre-Made Beats

On this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast,' we talk about our dusty cover photo and the growing popularity (and controversy) around beat leasing.
Ellis Jones
London, GB
Illmind, who produces beats and also sells beat kits that help others to do the same, said he's worried that the beat-leasing marketplace is cheapening the sound and process. Photo by Peter Garritano.

The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive guide to enlightening information. Our second annual music issue, a collaboration with our music site Noisey, came out yesterday: Go to for the full issue or get a rundown of what's inside first.

For the rest of November, we'll be highlighting some of these stories. First up, photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom explains the extremely dusty cover photo and why we thought the image perfectly sums up the state of the music industry.


We also hear from Andrea Domanick, Noisey's West Coast editor, who wrote about internet producers turning huge profits in the underground beat market, and how this trend, according to some, might be detrimental to music.

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Continuing our Music Issue coverage, next week's episode will feature Noisey's Lawrence Burney talking with members of the Pink Room Project, a young collective pushing the musical legacy of New Orleans into the future. Come back on November 15 to check it out. And did you know you can get 100-plus glossy pages delivered to your doorstep by clicking here to subscribe to the print issue of VICE magazine?