Grenfell Tower

Kensington Tories Asked Residents If They Care About Grenfell

On a scale of zero to ten.
Simon Childs
London, United Kingdom
November 13, 2017, 3:03pm
Photo: Ik Aldama/DPA/PA Images

In a typically classy move, the Kensington and Chelsea Conservative Party has asked residents how much they care about "the tragedy of Grenfell Tower and help for the families affected and the wider community" on a scale from zero to ten.

In a residents’ survey they ask about the fire – in which an estimated 80 people died – among questions about rubbish collection and parking permits, reports Guido Fawkes. Answering "ten" denotes "very important", while answering "zero" means "not important at all".

The local council’s Conservative administration was widely condemned for its aloof and inadequate response to the tragedy. The survey suggests local Tories are no closer to talking about Grenfell with any tact, while seeming very concerned to garner the views of local sociopaths.