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The New Berghain & 9 More Things We Love on the Dance Music Internet

Terrence Parker, Eris Drew, Chino Amobi and more make our list of the week's best things.

1. THUMP Mix with Terrence Parker

The latest THUMP Mix is here and it features the selections of Detroit DJ institution Terrence Parker. Dive into a groove-heavy mix of house and techno and read what Parker thinks about Detroit's future.

2. Real Scenes: London

Resident Advisor continues their Real Scenes series (which looks at different nightlife scenes in cities across the globe) in London.

3. Pride party clubbers

The anti-Pride hipster

Celebrating Pride this weekend? We break down the seven types of gay clubbers you'll probably meet at your local Pride party.


4. 6 party crews redefining the gay underground

And speaking of queer nightlife, Mixmag takes a look at six crews–from Men's Room to Honcho–making the gay underground even more interesting.

5. ©©'s People, Places, Patterns

Listen to the elusive German producer's latest lo-fi house experiment in this THUMP exclusive stream.

6. Chino Amobi

I think of it in terms of architecture, the space that bodies—especially disenfranchised or marginalised bodies from the South—take up

Chino Amobi, a founder of NON and musician, recently spoke to Resident Advisor about his latest album, Paradiso, in this dexterous profile.

7. The new Berghain?

Is this new Georgian club the new Berghain? Our THUMP Netherlands friends take a look at Bassiani.

8. The Snake Pit

We take a look at the Indy 500's EDM festival and why it's the most American of dance music festivals.

9. The Couples Guide to Clubbing

Look around you: the writhing bodies, the unfettered availability of booze and drugs, the dodgy signal and bleak basements. The ideals of monogamy and mutual-respect can soon lose their appeal.

Club dynamics change when you go clubbing for sure. We've crafted a guide to prepare you for the differences and the benefits of clubbing with your significant other.

10. Eris Drew

Listen to the Smartbar resident in this sexy, gritty set recorded at The Bunker.