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Melt-Away Figure Drawings Reveal the Skeletons Beneath

Istanbul-based artist Aytaç Armağan's pencil sketches reveal the bare bones behind his technique.
Instagram via @aytcarmagan

Rhythmic, elegant pencil drawings by Turkish artist Aytaç Armağan illustrate the importance of anatomy in figure drawing by gradually removing the skin and muscle for portions of his subjects. What's left are the bare bones.

Weight, tension, and balance are vital to accurately illustrate the human form, and whether you show them or not, the bones are the foundation upon which these elements rest. Peeling back the skin could easily be morbid, but Armağan—also an established landscape painter—makes it seem natural. The idea of drawing the skeleton isn't new—Leonardo da Vinci famously dug up corpses to learn human anatomy—but Armağan's studies feel as much poetic as scientific. Check out his dreamy, surreal renditions of the human form below.


Follow Aytaç Armağan here, and check out the Creators Instagram account for more stunning art.

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