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MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Anatomy of Shake Shack

We sit down with Shake Shack's Culinary Director, Mark Rosati, to discuss some of the secrets behind how this popular burger spot runs its operations.

On the latest episode of MUNCHIES: The Podcast, we're going to be complete idiots.

On the hottest day of summer (thus far) in New York City, we've decided to stand outside for way too long. We've got some vital work to do. Since it's officially the greatest season of the year, it's time for day drinking, sunburns, and epic grilling parties. To kick things off, we're digging into one of the season's essentials: the hamburger. And in order to do that, we're heading to one of the world's most traveled burger destinations: Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.


Joining us is Mark Rosati, Shake Shack culinary director and genius behind the menu.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that Shake Shack has quickly become the flagship to one of the most craveable burgers in the universe. But how exactly does this restaurant franchise run this ship, from menu development to sourcing ingredients for all 134 worldwide (and counting) locations?

Over some Shack burgers and cold beers, we'll chat with Mark to learn about how he approaches expansion and why some of the world's greatest chefs are involved.

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