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Fox News Anchor Tells Donald Trump, 'You Are The Problem'

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June 8, 2017, 3:25pm

Diving in head first: Today is World Oceans Day, which means taking the time to appreciate and protect our oceans and seas. The United Nations is at the helm of conservations efforts with their Ocean Conference, which is taking place from June 5-9.

As of June 2, there have been more than 600 commitments to take action fix environmental crises that are affecting the oceans hard. International governments, businesses and organizations are all reported to be pitching into the cause. You can get involved too and all it takes is a camera. Find more about how you can be a part of the solution.


Comey Hearing Today: Former FBI Director James Comey is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Collusion, Russian meddling and presidential bullying all on the table. Must see TV out of DC for sure Check out a livestream of the testimony here

Now, what did the pot called the kettle: The Fox News network is known for its conservative slant and, for the most part, has been supportive of President Trump's agenda, but there's currently a hiccup in the relationship. Trump tweeted misinformed and offensive statements to London Mayor Sadiq Khan criticizing Khan for how he handled the terrorist attack on June 3.

Check out some more video from VICE:

Fox News host Neil Cavuto had some tough love for Trump in a segment advising Trump to stop "scapegoating" and firing off "angry missives and tweets." He implored the president to listen to common sense. "Mr. President, it is not the fake news media that's your problem. It's you," Cavuto said. Trump has yet to respond, but it's likely that he turned the channel.

Toss up: The UK is at a crossroads as its citizens must vote for a new Prime Minister. The candidates for the two major parties are incumbent Theresa May, leader of the Tory party, and Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party. A lot hinges on this election, the UK has been hit hard with terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and is still reeling from Brexit last year. The Tories are projected to win, but if the 2016 election in the US taught us anything, it's that nothing is a guarantee.


Throwing shade: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has stepped in it yet again on the issue of holding all schools that receive federal funding accountable for how they treat their students, particularly those who identify as LGBTQ or have a disability. On Tuesday, DeVos appeared before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to defend the budget proposal for the Department of Education, during which she dodged questions with vague and seemingly rehearsed answers.

When pressed on whether she would stand up for LGBTQ students under a federal voucher program she stuck to her script. "Schools that receive federal funds must follow federal law," DeVos said. It's not a very encouraging answer because there are no federal laws that explicitly protect LGBTQ students. DeVos employed a similar defense mechanism when she was cornered on the same issue by the House subcommittee budget hearing in May.

It's clear that DeVos doesn't care about LGBTQ students, but you can show your support by getting involved with GLSEN, a non-profit for k-12 kids who are also gender and sexual minorities.

Read more: WATCH: YouTube Star Tyler Oakley's New Series Highlights Queer Resilience

Robbing the cradle: Before taking office, President Trump was involved in a scheme in which he took donor money from his son's charity for kids with cancer and put it back into his own business. Currently, Eric Trump, the president's second, co-heads the Trump Organization. Eric has hosted the Eric Trump Foundation Golf invitation to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis and has raise more than $11 million for their cause.


But here's the cringeworthy part, in 2009 and 2010 outside donors gave $1.1 million to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, thinking that this money would help sick kids. In reality, Donald Trump only gave 100,000 to his son's charity to curb costs for the golf fundraiser. Also, to use the golf course for the event Eric Trump paid the Trump Organization, which his father owned, $1.2 million, with donor money.While it's great that the Trumps are giving back, the way they've done it is shady at best. If you're interested in supporting St. Jude's efforts without being scammed, here's how you can help.

There's still hope: Last week, President Trump withdrew the US from the Paris climate agreement despite the majority of Americans who wanted to stick with the deal, but a technicality may put the breaks on the pullout. According to the rules of the international pact, leaving is a lot harder than entering or re-entering after a withdrawal. In fact, the withdrawal process takes a total of four years, which means the earliest that the US could be out of this relationship would be Nov 4, 2020.

If there's a new president they could rejoin the pact in as little as 30 days. Between then and now, US cities and states are committing to the Paris climate agreement standards despite federal government shrugging environmental responsibility. Change starts small and works its a way up. If you're looking to make a difference you can affect local climate policy where you live. Tell your mayor to commit to 100 percent clean energy today.


It me: Social media has latched on to the idea that the Babadook , an Australian film about a monster that represents grief, is actually a gay icon. The film is horror flick but it's listed under LGBTQ content on Netflix, which has people on Tumblr and Twitter memorializing the character in a bonafide LGBTQ meme.

The creature is now an unofficial mascot of Pride month this year as people in cities all across America celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQ community.