Not Even "Sandstorm" Can Withstand the Power of a Hydraulic Press

What the popular Youtube channel did to these speakers is.... da rudest thing we've seen in awhile.
Screenshot met dank aan Hydraulic Press Channel op YouTube.

As of right now, the two most popular videos on Hydraulic Press Channel—which has 1,748,462 subscribers—are "Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press" and "Crushing diamond with hydraulic press." They might not reign for much longer, though, because the Finnish channel uploaded a new clip called "Crushing Hi-fi Speakers and SANDSTORM with Hydraulic Press, feat. Darude" last week.

You can guess what happens. Sporting his signature soul patch and a t-shirt that says "DAD AF," the legendary trance producer DJs his most famous tune into speakers that get destroyed by immense compressive force. He even uses a little Pioneer mixer. Later, the channel's managers crush a computer playing the song with a hydraulic press.

Last month, somebody edited a video of Putin playing the piano to feature a cover of the track, and it weirdly worked.

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