This Boozy Summer Trifle Will Cure Your Glastonbury FOMO


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This Boozy Summer Trifle Will Cure Your Glastonbury FOMO

Didn’t get tickets and now wish you were off for a weekend of mud-encrusted hedonism? Custard, cake, and berries will help.

You didn't care back in October when everyone was glued to their laptops vying for tickets. You chuckled smugly when the lineup was announced, congratulating yourself on not having spent upwards of 200 quid to see Ed Sheeran perform in a field.

But now Glastonbury weekend is here and the majority of your friendship group is crammed on a coach with warm tinnies and spaghetti hoops, hurtling down the M4 towards several days of pinger-fuelled, mud-encrusted hedonism. You can already sense the oncoming Instagram onslaught of flower crowns and facial glitter.


Yeah, kinda bummed you didn't get Glasto tickets now :(((((((

Luckily for you, we know what's good for festival FOMO. Custard. And cream. And fruit and sherry and sugar. RECIPE: Boozy Summer Trifle

London bakery Lily Jones (a.k.a. Lily Vanilli) takes all of these delicious things and transforms them into a boozy summer trifle with the power to cure even the worst case of stay-at-home blues.

Start by baking a simple Victoria sponge and pile with fresh egg custard, strawberries, coulis, and a crunchy oat crumble until you have a multi-layered dessert so good you will almost believe it when you tell yourself for the fifteenth time today that Shangri-La isn't even that fun, anyway.