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The Great Fellow Kettle Is Finally Back in Stock

This limited-edition gooseneck kettle turns your morning cup of mud into a bona fide cafe experience.
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
The Great Fellow Kettle Is Finally Back in Stock
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If you’re a pour-over or Chemex coffee drinker, introducing a solid gooseneck kettle into your routine can take your coffee-brewing experience to the next level. Why? Well, the short answer is because they slap so much harder than your average supermarket electric kettle. The longer (but still pretty short) answer is that a gooseneck kettle turns your morning cup of mud into a bona fide cafe experience with its ~aesthetic~ look and added levels of temperature control and pouring precision. That’s why when we heard that the uber-popular, limited-edition Great Fellow Kettle was back in stock, we smashed that pre-order button, hard.


$165 at Great Jones

$165 at Great Jones

A collaboration from the wunderkinds at Great Jones and the legendary bean-heads at Fellow, the Great Fellow is an exclusive, custom-color Stagg EKG electric kettle with a precision-pour gooseneck spout designed for pour-over coffee—though it’s also great for tea or heating up water for AeroPresses, moka pots, and French presses. “We married [Fellow’s] award-winning design with Great Jones’s signature colors (Broccoli with a pop of Mustard) to create a playful countertop companion,” the team at Great Jones writes. “We're the only ones in the world to carry the Stagg in this colorway (warning: it's limited-edition!).” 

In addition to its handsome looks, what’s really killer about the Great Fellow kettle is the built-in temperature control system, which lets you set it and forget it while the water comes up to the perfect heat. You can set your brewing temp to the optimal degree by simply turning the knob, which is crucial for extracting the maximum amount of flavor from your beans without adding that burnt, bitter taste that’s often associated with coffee from drip machines. Plus, the long and narrow spout helps with properly blooming and hydrating your ground coffee while you brew. 

While it’s going to be tough not to brew a million mugs a day with your fancy new toy, try your best not to drink a gallon of coffee and lash out at your roommates while you’re extra-caffeinated. This is truly the electric kettle of our dreams (our editorial director uses a Stagg every day!) but if you’re less into pourover and more into instant gratification, check out our guide to the best coffee makers. But do any of them come in Broccoli with a pop of Mustard? We think not.

The Great Fellow Kettle is available for purchase here

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