Someone Gifted the QAnon Queen a Pricey RV So She Can Convoy the Country

Romana Didulo, the “QAnon Queen,” was recently given a new RV. But some of her followers are begging for financial help because they listened to her.
Even as more and more followers of the QAnon Queen of Canada beg her for financial help, one of her loyal “subjects” straight-up gave her an RV worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Didulo instructs followers to hang security lights after the group was intimidated by "hooligans" driving on the road. (Photo via Telegram)

Even as more and more followers of the QAnon Queen of Canada beg her for financial help, one of her loyal “subjects” straight-up gave her an RV worth tens of thousands of dollars. 

It’s her fourth RV, and she’s put her inner circle to work renovating it. She’s also asking them to pay for another RV that cost $65,000—but only in cash, not cryptocurrency—and has said she’s received $21,000 so far.


“There’s RV one, you have the lead car over here, and RV two. And here we have RV three. “Ohhh, what’s that?” Romana Didulo asks her followers in a video where she’s excitedly showing off her fleet. “Right here is the donated Dutch Star.” It’s a newer model that appears to be at least 40 feet long.   

“This is the donated RV from the We the People of Canada New Brunswick,” she adds in another video, referring to what she’s named her network of followers.

Didulo grew out of the QAnon conspiracy and now claims to be the true ruler of Canada who’s waging a war against the pedophilic cabal. She’s on a seemingly never-ending tour of Canada in a convoy of several RVs that were either gifted to her or paid for by her followers. Along with her are members of her closest entourage who handle the logistics of the convoy. This inner circle can easily be spotted at official events like meet-and-greets as they now all dress identically in button-down white shirts emblazoned with QR (initials for Queen Romana) and white hats. 

In addition to the RVs, Didulo also has a newer SUV in her convoy. The fleet is used to house and transport her and the staff of her “mobile peace and prosperity government” as they tour Canada and mainly just chat with people who think she rules not just Canada but the world. (She recently announced her promotion.) In some recent events, she’s pulled in as many as 50 people in small towns. 


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Recently, though, the convoy had to put up security lights at a property outside of Fredericton, where they were renovating the vehicle, because they're being menaced by young people driving past the property.

"I've observed several cars full of hooligans and thugs giving the We the People's team the finger," Didulo said in a recent video. "So I gave them the finger back."

A person who knows the man who gifted the RV spoke to VICE World News anonymously and said that he’s a successful and extremely nice businessman who began to follow Didulo over the pandemic. Now it’s one of the main parts of his life and something he brings up frequently. 

The acquaintance said that the man went from believing in conspiracies about a deep state and a secret war being waged by Trump, to more out-there beliefs like alien “med beds” that can heal any medical issue, and different dimensions. His journey parallels Didulo’s claims, which started out relatively standard in the QAnon movement—like politicians being secretly executed and body doubles replacing them—but escalated into the esoteric over time.

“Like he's so far into it that he's brainwashed into thinking that this is the best thing for not only my friends and family but for the world and that everything she's doing is for the good of the world,” the acquaintance said. “She's telling us to harm these healthcare workers, and she's telling us to go against the government and not pay our electric bills and not do all these things that he thinks will bring us to this new horizon.”


“I don't personally understand how someone could look at information like that and fall so deeply into it,” they added. “But all I know is that I've literally witnessed somebody do that.” 

According to posts made by New Brunswick members of the convoy, Didulo’s followers in the province have formed a group that meets regularly at a local spot owned by a member and actually hosted Didulo for a speech. A person who was present at some of the meetings said that routinely they sit around and discuss PDFs they’ve printed from conspiracy websites whose topics include discussions of med beds and Didulo. 

The person told VICE that at one of these meetings, the group appeared to consume veterinary ivermectin—an antiviral medication at the center of several COVID vaccine conspiracies— which was acquired by a member who was a farmer.   

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Didulo standing in one of her RVs. (Photo via Telegram.)

Didulo’s claims aren’t just fantastical roleplay. In some cases they’re causing real harm to her followers, a portion of whom are begging her for help on Telegram channels dedicated to her. Particularly they’re begging for help with their utility bills, as several months ago Didulo told them that in her Kingdom of Canada utilities were free and that her followers didn’t need to pay them. At one point, she even instructed them on how to remove their utility companies from their online banking.


At first, her followers celebrated not having to pay their bills, but now enough time has elapsed since the decree that companies are coming for her followers' outstanding bills. Some followers of them are claiming to have their power and utilities shut off and have gone to their leader for help but have found nothing but empty promises. 

“[Our power company] have now cut my power and we are in the dark. Our food that we have stocked for the possible shortage now has under 24 hours in our freezer before spoilage,” wrote one follower on Tuesday on Telegram. “The power company laughs at the suggestion that the power has already been paid and want full payment plus reconnection fee for power to be restored. People are losing faith that all will be looked after and decrees are falling on dead ears.”  

“Seniors (like us) have no funds to draw on,” he added. “Our savings are gone and now the reality is setting in.” 

VICE News reached out to the man who gave Romana the RV, and several of the people who have posted about their financial situation. No one would go on the record. Didulo frowns upon speaking to the media, and the members of the community typically work to enforce followers to stay insulated within the group. Didulo has a group of people who travel with her as personal “journalists” reporting on the comings and goings of her convoy, so that is who the community turn to for news.


Following VICE News reaching out to the man who gifted the RV, Didulo asked her followers a question on Telegram. 

“What would be the appropriate charges for mainstream media Reporters who have been slandering Queen Romana Didulo, Queen, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Kingdom of Canada?” 

Most responded with references to “milkshakes” which, oddly, is how this community refers to the death penalty. 

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