Neo-Nazi Pedophilic Cult Member Allegedly Coerced Minors to Make Child Porn

Angel Almeida, a 22-year-old Queens man, has been charged with sexual exploitation of minors and possession of child porn, among other alleged crimes. 
Angel Almeida, 22, an alleged member of the satanic pedophilic cult the Order of Nine Angles, or O9A. (Images via Department of Justice)

WARNING: This story contains references to and descriptions of sexual exploitation of minors and child pornography.

A neo-Nazi affiliated with a satanic pedophilic cult gave himself away on social media, including posting a photo of himself, wearing a T-shirt that read “kiddie diddler” in front of a swastika, police say. 

He has since been arrested and charged with sexually exploiting minors and possession of child pornography, among other alleged crimes. 


After being tipped off to disturbing social media posts, FBI agents raided the home of Angel Almeida, 22, in Queens, New York, in Nov. 2021 and seized a handgun along with occult texts and memorabilia that show his affiliation with Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a satanic group that pushes its adherents to commit depraved acts, including sexually abusing minors. On two separate occasions, Almeida spent months coercing two minors into partaking in sexual activities to create child porn, according to the Department of Justice. 

Almeida was initially indicted on charges relating to the handgun in Dec. 2021 but was indicted on child abuse charges Tuesday. 

On social media, Almeida posted images of himself boasting about his alleged sexual crimes, as well as pictures of dead animals, and a firearm (despite being a felon), according to the feds. 

The FBI was initially tipped off to a Facebook account under the name “Sargent Grey,” that had images of Almeida wearing a skull mask, a signifier of neo-Nazi accelerationist groups in front of an O9A flag. This led authorities to a second account under the name “Necropedocell,” with images of a child bound and gagged and a photo of a handgun with the caption “for the 2k pedophile haters.”

On yet another account, this one on Instagram under the name Stain_Lord_352, the FBI found the picture of Almeida wearing the T-shirt with “kiddie diddler” written on it. The image also included a sign that read, “I am addicted to hardcore child pornography.” The account posted another photo with the caption “no limits evil” alongside a photo of a bloody cat that had been stabbed with a knife. This account also contained several references to O9A. 

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(image via Department of Justice)

In addition to finding the social media posts, authorities seized a drawing of runic symbols smeared with what appeared to be blood from Almeida’s house. The bottom of the paper features the words “a covenant signed in blood may the DEVIL walk with you always” and the name of a satanist, also smeared with blood.

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(image via Department of Justice)

Almeida’s most recent indictment alleges that from July 2021 to Dec. 2021, he coerced a minor into creating child pornography to sell. The documents further allege that Almeida, from Feb, 2020 and Nov. 2021, coerced another minor into performing sex acts. He also allegedly had child porn on multiple cell phones and was selling them as a way to distribute the material. 

Do you have any information regarding the Order of Nine Angles? Please reach out to Mack Lamoureux via email at or DM on Twitter at @macklamoureux for Signal or Wire details.

The Order of Nine Angles, which was founded in the United Kingdom in the 1960s, has a long violent history and found new life in the internet age. The group has become infamous for its depraved belief system, the violent actions of its followers, and being deliberately obtuse in its ideology. Experts who have long followed the group say sexual abuse, including rape as well as possessing and creating child pornography, is encouraged, and O9A has been connected to murders, assaults, child exploitation and pornography, and sexual crimes against children. 


“O9A is a very, very small organization, which is very extreme. It's not commonplace, even in terms of the far-right,” Nick Lowles, the founder of U.K.-based anti-racism advocacy group Hope Not Hate, which has been researching the group for decades, told VICE News in 2020. “The last five years or so has been their golden time, in a way. Here was an organization that, up to a few years ago, was deeply secretive, deeply hidden. It was very hard outside of that satanic world to come across them.”

The Order of Nine Angles traditionally operates through local groups, which they call “nexions.” The group has long worried experts, because adherents don’t necessarily need to be in contact with leaders, nor even other members of the cult, to radicalize themselves to commit violence. So despite the group’s relatively small size, it’s still influential globally.  

The group has been connected to neo-Nazi terror cells, predominantly Atomwaffen Division, an infamous neo-Nazi group connected to multiple murders, but also The Base.

“Their reach is far bigger than their organizational size,” Lowles previously said. “You don't measure in terms of numbers you measure in terms of who they're influencing.”

Several adherents of the Order of Nine Angles are currently serving prison sentences for abuse against children, including Ryan Fleming, a U.K. neo-Nazi who was imprisoned for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and other sexual crimes against children. 

One unnamed U.K. teenager who stumbled upon O9A teachings is now serving time for terror offences but also multiple sexual assaults, including one against a 12-year-old girl. Many other affiliates have been charged with possession or sharing of child pornography. The list of sexual crimes committed by people, primarily young men, with connection to O9A goes on. 

In 2020, Toronto police arrested and charged Guilherme (William) Von Neutegem in connection to the random murders of two men. Von Neutegem had posted several things on social media showing he was, at the very least, deeply interested in the occult group. 

Last year, ​​Ethan Melzer, a U.S. Army private connected to the group, pleaded guilty to his connections in a plot to get his unit ambushed by a jihadi group. The attempt was in the hopes of creating further conflict overseas that would work to further destabilize geopolitics.

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