Monthly Horoscope: Aries, December 2023

You’re working out how to market yourself.

Sagittarius season, which began November 22, sets your sights on something greater. You’re looking at what’s out there, whether through studying or traveling. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters earth sign Capricorn on December 1, where it will retrograde later this month. Here you’ll gain a more grounded understanding of your life’s work, defining your sense of purpose.


Responsibilities and your relationship to the collective are recurring themes as Mercury connects with serious Saturn on December 2 and December 21, with one final pass in January. You’re able to connect to something greater than yourself, and speak up for the underdog, understanding stuff that often gets swept under the rug.

Relationships are evolving as love planet Venus clashes with Pluto on December 3. You and another are confronting taboos, unspoken power dynamics, or secrets. Through this intimate experience, your feelings about the relationship, or the relationship itself, changes. This experience can only take partnerships to the next level as Venus enters purifying Scorpio on December 4, moving through your chart’s house of intimacy and transformation. Trust and disclosure are themes as interpersonal dynamics go as far as they can, testing the limits.

You can feel more comfortable with letting relationships or their dynamics end as Venus harmonizes with Saturn on December 5. Dynamics that are sustainable and suitable for the long-haul are favored; agreements made now are sturdy and trustworthy. A surreal or magical vibe flows as Neptune retrograde ends on December 6, stirring confusion. This can emphasize your connection to life’s mysteries or your own spiritual perceptions.


You’re able to find ways to profit from your skills as Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter on December 7 and December 18, with one final pass in January. This repeating aspect is an opportunity for you to share what you have to offer the world—and to perfect it.

You have an optimistic attitude toward money, or an inspiring faith in yourself as Venus faces off with Jupiter on December 9. You can have more trust that people will support you—a helpful outlook if you’re trying to get something off the ground! Venus connects with Mercury on December 11, and emotional conversations flow. You’re tuned into what other people like and want, helping you build trust. This is favorable for a shared or collaborative trade.

The new moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius falls on December 12, starting and ending a cycle in your chart’s house of higher thinking. Philosophical and ethical questions can arise. Maybe you’re making wishes to travel to a faraway place. If you could expand or grow, which direction would you take it?

Mercury retrograde begins on December 13 in your chart’s house of career and public reputation. This retrograde, particularly the day that it starts and ends, slows things down, requiring patience from you. Take a moment to take inventory of what you’re doing with your life, and see how it aligns with your worldview or moral compass.


The sun clashes with Neptune on December 16, waking us up from a dream! Life can seem stranger than fiction as you take a look at the ways that our collective beliefs shape reality. You can understand trends in art and fashion and put your own spin on it!

Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter on December 18 for the second time (the first time being December 7), presenting an opportunity to try again. Learning is a process of trial and error! This can be useful for marketing yourself or openly sharing what you bring to the table.

Relationships and finances are shaken up as Venus faces off with Uranus, the planet of disruption, on December 21. Because of inconveniences or unexpected circumstances, something cutting-edge is favored. Invention happens when we need to survive in the face of a problem. This transit has an entrepreneurial bend. 

Serious conversations repeat as retrograde Mercury connects with Saturn again on December 21 (the first time on December 2). Again, you’re considering how your work and message fit in with a greater narrative. You might be reflecting on how you can voice the experience or history of the collective.

Final changes are being initiated as Capricorn season begins on December 21. The sun enters an active sector of your chart, beginning a new chapter in your career and legacy. How you’re seen in the public eye is refreshed. A new cycle of knowledge also begins as retrograde Mercury meets with the sun on December 22. This alignment helps you conceive of a way to share what you’ve been working on. Start to define who you are and what you do, but in a notebook. Sketch it out, get an editor, and then set it in stone once Mercury retrograde is over next month.


Mercury in Capricorn means business, but Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on December 23, and enthusiasm and humor return! This will bring a sense of greater perspective and relieve some pressure. You can make peace with the way things are as the sun connects with Saturn on December 24, granting you patience or even mentorship! Honor and connect with those who have paved the way for you.

A day off arrives on December 25 as Venus harmonizes with Neptune, making it easy to tap out. You’re more sensitive to the needs of others and might be picking up on some psychic undertones. Healing and forgiveness, and the ability to let things go, feel good.

The full moon in Cancer lands on December 27, illuminating your chart’s house of home and family. This can bring you comfort and knowledge of who you are, an appreciation of what you’ve been through and how that makes you unique. Also on December 27, Mercury clashes with Neptune, rehashing confusing topics that were being discussed around November 27. You might realize that you were mistaken, or need to further clarify or defend yourself and what you’ve said in the past. 

Even if there are misunderstandings and confusion in the air, you’re coming across as trustworthy and esteemed as the sun harmonizes with Jupiter on December 27. You’re speaking with passion and conviction as Mercury meets with Mars, also on December 27. Your confidence is flying high, so before you make a public statement, double check with someone who knows better than you. You might need some help reading the room.

You’re behaving in a way that is inspired, intuitive, and artistic as your planetary ruler, Mars, clashes with dreamy Neptune on December 28. You could rock at something like improv comedy, or bring the improv comedy vibe to something dry and in need of soul.

Conflict that came up during the Venus-Pluto square on December 3 finds a fair resolve as love planet Venus connects with power planet Pluto on December 29. Look out for poetic justice. Also on December 29, Venus changes signs and enters Sagittarius, bringing more hope, buoyancy, and curiosity, and less dwelling and clinging.

Morals and politics are stressed as Jupiter retrograde ends in your chart’s house of personal resources on December 30—a day when the planet stands still in the sky. Your beliefs about money and the material world are emphasized. 

Good luck, Aries, see you in December!