Inside One of Melbourne’s Oldest Burger Joints

Burgers have never been in better and greasier hands.
Adele Luamanuvae
Sydney, AU
IMG_3656 (1) (1)
Aleksandra Bliszczyk

Holding its own since 1945, Danny’s Burgers in North Fitzroy is a go-to lunch spot for anyone eager to sink their teeth into a classic sandwich. Never catering to a specific audience, the regulars who walk through the doors at Danny’s Burgers know they’re in for a good, consistent feed.

Despite being open for 78 years not much of the restaurant has changed. The menu has maintained its traditional roots, and ownership of the restaurant has always been passed down a string of close, loyal partners, dedicated to keeping the spirit of classic burgers alive.

Fingers coated in salt and face smeared in barbecue sauce —VICE’s Aleksandra Bliszczyk takes us on her visit to the iconic burger joint, as she chats to one of the owner’s about its history, and the staples on the menu.

Adele is the Junior Writer & Producer for VICE AU/NZ. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter here.

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