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Calling All Deadbeats: This AI Service Will Write Your Wedding Vows for You

It's by a company called “Joy,” because it takes the pain out of writing vows for someone you love (or at least think you do).
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We knew this day was coming when those RoboCop dogs dropped. Now, in addition to AI-driven art, porn, and even an episode of Seinfeld, there is AI for generating wedding vows and speeches.   


The service comes from a wedding planning company, Joy, and will compose everything from Shakespeare-y vows and poems to TikTok-inspired thank you texts. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s reminiscent of the 2013 sci-fi romance Her, in which the main bro falls in love with his faceless, Scarlett Johansson-voiced AI service, spending his 9-to-5 ghost writing love letters for people with Chris Pratt. Honestly, it’s worth a re-watch (if you’re into that). 

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In all fairness, it doesn’t feel like Joy meant to feel Orwellian; Its landing page is populated with couples putting food in each other’s mouths and riding mopeds. In fact, the company actually advises against using its AI-generated words as the final draft for your words of love, hoping instead for users to see the technology as a way to break through writer’s block on vows, toasts, invitation declines, and more wedding-induced speeches.  

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Here’s how it works: You slither over to, and provide a few basic details to get the ball rolling, such as: What kind of speech do you need to write? What are a few “highlights” you would like to include? What “style” of writing would you prefer? Pirate? TikToker? Therapist? “Pessimistic ex,” is even an option, and certainly a choice your analog therapist would greenlight.


In all seriousness, not everyone—especially the emotionally-stunted boomers—has the bard’s touch. Besides, what if you had to write vows for a friend’s wedding, but English wasn’t your first language? What if you’re just busy?? You might be a deadbeat and use Joy’s new service because you are emotionally bankrupt, but you could also be someone who deserves some relief from the free labor you’re expected to perform for Mike and Jessica’s wedding (there should be a minimum wage for bridesmaids), and that’s tight.   

We decided to see what would happen when we gave Joy’s AI a few prompts from VICE editors for various occasions, starting off with this prompt from staff writer Adam Rothbarth. In his words, “This one is thanking Bruce Springsteen for sending Indian food to a wedding in the style of a TikToker.” 

“Hey Bruuuuce! WOW, thank you SO much for treating us to an insanely amazing Indian food feast for our wedding!! You totally hooked it up and we can’t thank you enough for being so generous and thoughtful. Your kindness is why we have a zillion followers - you are too kind! Thank you again and much love -we are forever grateful!! ”

Nice, right? I decided to give the AI some details inspired by Her, and asked it to write some wedding vows. Here’s an excerpt: 

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Photo: Joy

Not too shabby. Whether you’re looking to use the AI for the joining of two souls, your Hinge bio, or a letter to Nonni, we’re kind of here for it.   

Learn more about Joy’s AI service here

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