Do You Believe in Your Business Enough to Pawn Your Grandfather’s Watch?

Anthony Lawson put all his skills in one pot.
May 27, 2021, 3:52pm

Over the span of his working life, Anthony Lawson has had pots on many fires—he worked in real estate, sold jewelry, silk-screened t-shirts. “I was all over the place,” he says. Now, he’s concentrating on one pot. In it he’s boiling water to prepare wax for pouring. At his own candle business, Minetta Wax Co, he sources local, organic ingredients, which he mixes and bottles himself, all by hand in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. It was a big risk, one he pawned his grandfather’s watch to get the seed money to take on. Now, not only did he earn enough to get the watch back, but his business is exceeding his expectations. “It feels great waking up every day, having something that belongs to you,” he says. Watch how he did it on “Setting Up Shop,” Created with GEICO.


Created with GEICO