Weekly Horoscope: May 17 - 23

Gemini season begins!
May 17, 2021, 3:44pm
Robin Eisenberg

The sun harmonized with power planet Pluto at 5:48 PM on Sunday, May 16, putting something clandestine into swift motion—this is a secret truce, a funneling of power. Things are more easily resolved with authorities and bosses.

On Wednesday, May 19, love planet Venus harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of structure at 9:58 PM. With the planet of business and planet of pleasure in perfect alignment, the commitments that we follow through at this time are satisfactory. Everyone involved will be happy with their end of the deal. If disappointed, then it’s easier to align with our values and standards, and to turn down things that don’t fit our long-term vision.


The sun enters Gemini at 3:37 PM on Thursday, kicking off Gemini season! The coming weeks are a time to brush up on our street smarts and guide ourselves to some new knowledge. We are constantly asking questions; we have a lot to learn from one another. Teaching is the best way to learn!

Initiative is taken to expand our minds and take on new perspectives as the sun clashes with philosophical Jupiter on Friday, May 21 at 11:03 PM. There’s a lesson to be learned. When confronted with new knowledge, our personal truths can change.

It’s hard to know what the facts are! There’s so much information out there, and everyone has their own dogma. On Saturday, May 22, Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Neptune, the planet of beliefs, at 10:43 PM: It’s difficult to remain objective, especially when it comes to abstract concepts. It’s hard to stick to the truth, because the truth is unclear.

Saturn begins its retrograde at 5:18 AM on Sunday, May 23. As an outer planet, Saturn retrogrades last much longer than infamous Mercury retrogrades. Rules and regulations get a little more relaxed as the planet of law and order takes a bench.

All times ET.


You get a boost of professional and financial power as the sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secret resources. You are leaning into your own authority and ability to be a provider as well. Taurus season was all about your money, and as the sun finishes its time in your house of personal resources and finance, you have a rush to invest or make returns. Gemini season will be all about research, writing, and making short trips. This can also be an active time for your siblings and roommates. Think about new things that you want to learn, skills you’d like to sharpen, or some DIY home improvement projects you can start this summer.


Just before the sun leaves your sign, there is one final task! The sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto, bringing light to the beliefs that you have subconsciously hung onto. This can find you consciously transforming things that you never fully thought out, but now have a deeper understanding of. You’re being brutally honest with yourself. Your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with Saturn, giving you some tough love that works in your favor in the long run, financially and professionally. The sun enters your house of personal resources, bringing your attention to all of the ways you want to buy gifts for yourself and others! Delays with responsibilities and long-term projects come as Saturn begins its retrograde, just in time for the warm weather.


You're seeing the rewards of taking your beliefs seriously. The planet of love, Venus, harmonizes with structural Saturn, finding easy resolutions to issues in communication and agreements. After some months of being in the shadows, you’re back in the room as Gemini season begins! Use this time to focus on yourself. It’s the beginning of your personal new year, so set intentions for how you want it to go. You’re taking a confident step forward in your career as the sun squares off with lucky Jupiter. Just be sure you’re not confusing yourself as your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with dreamy Neptune. It can be difficult to read the room—signals are getting confused and mixed up—but at least you can remember what you stand for!


You get a little boost from your VIP friends and relationships as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto. Consider the connections and relationships that can give you a push toward your dreams. You’re dreaming a lot bigger these days with lucky Jupiter in a spiritual place in your chart, giving you faith that things can work out down the line. As Gemini season begins, take time to rest and connect with yourself. Solitude can bring you closer to higher consciousness as it enables you to confront parts of yourself that are usually out of focus. Dream interpretation, meditation, and taking care of your mind palace are all good uses of your time in the coming weeks.


You’re making serious headway as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto. You are the authority of your domain and are tapping into something bossy and in-control. Commitments with your friends and colleagues can help bring you closer to your dreams as Venus harmonizes with Saturn. Your relationships hold you accountable and provide stability. Saturn begins its retrograde, and this will make things in your relationships a little less rigid. As your planetary ruler, the sun, changes signs, you begin a new chapter. This is a time to focus on your dreams and look out for your future self. You make a confident investment in your future as the sun squares off with lucky Jupiter.


After spending the past month thinking about what you believe in and what you want to learn, it’s time to put that knowledge into action as Gemini season begins! The sun will be in your house of fame and public reputation, asking you to show up and show off all of your accomplishments. You’ll be getting recognized. The sun clashes with lucky Jupiter and you’re inclined to go the extra mile for your bosses and your partners. Just make sure you’re being protective of your own thoughts and energy. Your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with Neptune, making you extra sensitive and empathetic. Your imagination is piqued, so put it toward something positive.


There is something really useful for you that’s been hiding in the shadows, and you’re given direct access to it as the sun harmonies with shady Pluto. A secret weapon that you didn’t know you could use is realized. You are being extra responsible with your heart as your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with serious Saturn. You have high standards for your art, friendships, and relationships, and you know that you can have them if you just stick to the program. Taurus season was slow, but the pace picks up as the sun enters fellow air sign Gemini. You’re ready to break out of your usual routine and explore something different. This is a good time to share your ideas and publish a project, or to study more!


Relationships are taken deeper and your trust is built as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto. This provides an ability for you to be honest about things that you haven’t been ready to confront. Relationships are taken to a deeper level with love planet Venus in your house of shared resources and intimacy. As Venus harmonizes with Saturn, you are looking for stability, discretion, and practicality in your relationships. Sharing and being able to settle the score is important in any relationship. The gritty, technical details of partnering come out during Gemini season. It’s also a great time to ask others for what you need from them. As Saturn begins its retrograde in your house of home and family, you have more flexibility when it comes to your living space.


You’ve been putting in a lot of effort, clocking the hours and taking care of yourself. Now that the sun moves into Gemini, you’re ready to step out and get more involved with your friends and partners! They’re going to be asking for you! The sun squares off with your planetary ruler Jupiter, and you’re asked to share something very private and personal with your other half. You have no problem with breaking them off, but make sure you have enough to share. You can easily lose track of things as Mercury, the planet of calculations, squares off with hazy Neptune, confusing the score. It’s a little too easy to get lost in the moment. Stay hydrated and hold onto your receipts for later!


Your creative and sexual magnetism is a force to be reckoned with as the sun harmonizes with power planet Pluto. Things that have been lurking in the shadows are understood and worked with. You’re making progress in work and money matters as Venus harmonizes with your planetary ruler, Saturn. You’re making a commitment to your routine that feels right and brings you pleasure, too. Taurus season brought energy to your social life, but now it’s time to take care of business. Gemini season brings your focus to your day job and lifestyle, drawing your attention to chores and busywork. Your planetary ruler Saturn begins its retrograde, which can bring some slowness to your financial world. All good things take time, but Saturn retrograde can make money stuck, so remember to have patience.


A light shines through the boarded up windows of your mind palace as the sun harmonizes with shady Pluto. You’re getting a clear look at something that has been pushed aside for a long time, and able to come out of the other side anew. You are making a commitment to your creative, social, and romantic life as Venus harmonizes with your planetary ruler, Saturn. You have every right to commit to pleasure—you deserve it. The sun enters fellow air sign Gemini, and more fun is coming your way! Gemini season is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for Aquariuses—get playful. Your planetary ruler Saturn begins its retrograde and everything that’s mature and serious seems to be stalled or slowed down. All the more reason to focus on enjoying your sexy life.


You have a better understanding of the community dynamic as the sun harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets. You have a deeper understanding of your friends and social circle and how everyone relates to each other. As the sun enters Gemini, you are more active around the house and with your family. New things are being initiated in your personal life for the coming month. The sun clashes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, and you’re eager to do as much as you can for your domestic life. You are remembering a lot about your past and childhood, and having flashes of spiritual insight as messenger Mercury clashes with dreamy Neptune. Keep yourself hydrated and remember a little goes a long way, especially right now.

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