Editorial Statement Regarding Photographs of 1920's Australian Women

From VICE editorial leadership

This story previously included photos from artist Matt Loughrey that were modified beyond colorization. After reviewing this article, and subsequent work from the artist that was featured on VICE and included doctored images of Khmer Rouge victims, this article has been removed because it does not meet our editorial standards. We apologize for the error.

Update April 16, 2021: We have been taking the time over the past few days to review what has happened with the Matt Loughrey article.

We are deeply sorry for any pain this has caused and sincerely apologize to the families of the victims and the communities in Cambodia. We have begun outreach in private with community groups and individuals to address this.

We continue to strive for the highest level of rigor when it comes to these checks and balances in our stories and will redouble these efforts to ensure this does not happen again.