Prisoners in Mexico Started an OnlyFans and It’s Graphic

Inmates were making money from explicit videos that proved popular with Mexican, mostly male, users.
​A screen grab of the OnlyFans channel allegedly run by prison inmates in Mexico. The account is now inactive.
A screen grab of the OnlyFans channel allegedly run by prisoners in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY - Prisoners in Mexico have found a new way to earn money behind bars - creating sexually explicit content for OnlyFans. An account on the platform, allegedly run by prison inmates, went viral in Mexico in recent weeks after posting dozens of explicit videos showing blowjobs and gangbangs.

Inmates have been making money from OnlyFans by recording the porn videos on phones – which are common inside Mexico’s prisons although not allowed.


The account, last called “🤐“ when VICE World News accessed it, had 79 clips featuring masturbation, oral and group sex, and 73 photographs of alleged inmates showing off their tattooed bodies and penises. The subscription for a month of their content, which was suspended this weekend, was $6.

Although lawlessness is common in Latin America’s prisons, this seems to be the first time inmates have earned money by uploading homemade porn onto social networks.

The number of subscribers to OnlyFans accounts is not public, but the explicit content has generated headlines nationwide. 

And many viewers seem to want more. One subscriber applauded the prisoners’ work and said “[You’re] gods in the art of sex but [make] those videos longer 👍.”

Another user suggested they use the money they’re making from their OnlyFans account to buy a new phone and offered some cinematic critique. “Invest in a better quality phone and don’t move the camera too much,” commented a user called Cristian.

Of the 20 comments on their most viewed publication, 99 percent claimed to be men. Many asked for more romantic “tongue kissing” while others wanted “violent prison sex,” according to comments left by viewers.

The entrepreneurial inmates also garnered thousands of followers via the Twitter handle @internos_cereso in recent weeks before the account was suspended. The Twitter conversation ranged from praise for the prisoners’ initiative to those saying that at least inmates are charging for sexual material instead of calling random people outside of the prisons to terrify and extort them, which is a common crime in Mexico. 


“Being a ‘Cereso’: A center for social readaptation … I hope that as they complete their [prison] sentence they develop a craft to not commit a crime [again],” said one Twitter user.

The convict content has reached users as far south as Venezuela. José Aray, a viewer who says he lives in Caracas, agreed with the Mexican user.

“Bro, WTF? In Mexico some ‘inmates from cereso’ created an OnlyFans and they’re fucking each other to make a dime,” he tweeted using very typical Caraqueño slang. “It’s very funny to me hahahaha but attention, at least they’re not calling to extort…”

The @internos_cereso OnlyFans account did not respond to repeated requests for comment from VICE World News, and is now inactive.

A source who spoke with the former Twitter account handler for the prisoners’ porn operation said he was told that all the inmates involved were from Puebla’s San Miguel prison, which is administered by local authorities. 

The guards allegedly received bribes from prisoners to allow them to go on filming content for the channel, said the source (who asked to remain anonymous). Payments for personalized content requested and sent via a Telegram group were deposited into the guards’ accounts. San Miguel is the largest prison out of 22 in Puebla and holds nearly 50 percent of all inmates in the state. Local media has reported rampant corruption and said privileged treatment of some interns still goes unchecked.

Just last Friday, Puebla’s head of public security resigned and was quickly replaced by the state government, which gave no explanation for the change of staff. Puebla state government did not respond to repeated requests for comment from VICE World News.

Over the past two years, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has closed a number of federal maximum security prisons, including the infamous Puente Grande, from where ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán escaped in 2001, because of lawlessness.