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Our Editors' Picks for the Best Black Friday Deals

We can’t resist the temptation of Grateful Dead aprons, Ray-Bans, and other powerful Black Friday deals and promos.
November 26, 2021, 2:30pm
The 11 Best Black Friday Picks From VICE Editors
Composite by Vice Staff
All the mega monster Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals, in one place.

As the resident VICE lords of cyber deals deals deals, Black Friday is kind of our jam. We at Rec Room are dedicated to sniffing out the spiciest, tastiest, best Black Friday deals on our fave clothing brands, home goods, electronics, wellness products, cookware, and more—so that you can roast those turkey thighs and lace your discounted Carhartt boots in style for Black Friday and beyond. And we would be hella remiss if we said we weren’t also looking for ourselves; we can’t resist the temptation of Ray-Ban shades and gemstone bum plugs on such powerful promo. Could you, Mr. Frodo? In addition to the obvious stuff like Theragun muscle-blasters and “pistachio”-colored KitchenAid stand mixers, our hearts hath been set aflutter by some of those extra-crispy DEALS.


We’ve opened up our hearts and Black Friday shopping carts to you below with a short list of our editors’ favorite Black Friday deals this year, from new AirPods to Grateful Dead aprons; mid-century style tables that will impress the guests (even though we thought Eames was a kind of roof gutter) to corduroy ‘fits for winter. Crack open your carpet bag, and let’s do a little perusing of our editors’ favorite Black Friday deals...

It’s finally time to stop using my Ray J earbuds

OK, before you start making fun of me, Ray J's earbuds really aren’t that bad at all, and they’re also on sale for Black Friday (get 20% off with the code EARLYBF). However, I’m getting tired of having to explain to people that Ray J, who is apparently Brandy's brother, the co-star of Kim Kardashian's sex tape, and a singer (?), actually makes good buds, and I’m also looking forward to the days when I, too, can be a snob about my AirPods and ask people if they’re still regular-decanting. —Ian Burke


New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

How do I not own any corduroy jackets?  

I like to think my brand is somewhere between “off-season chairlift operator” and “future resident of Burlington, VT”—Subaru, flannels, log-splitting, hiking, the whole shabang. So, it was a strange and unsettling realization when I saw this sweet corduroy jacket from Far Afield and immediately knew my closet was missing something. Plus, inside pockets. What more could you ask for? —Ian Burke

Far Afield

Watts Corduroy Jacket, Dark Brown

Whiskey Peaks

God am I a sucker for unnecessary drinking accessories. While I don’t exactly need this set of rocks glasses and decanter featuring a raised topographic impression of The Grand Tetons—one the most iconic mountain ranges in North America and some of the world’s most majestic peaks—I also definitely do. —Ian Burke

Whiskey Peaks

Grand Tetons - Set of 4

Whiskey Peaks

Mountain Decanter

Psychedelic sherpas

Sherpa is weirdly timeless, but it’s especially having a moment right now—and over at Urban Outfitters, they’re really wildin’ on the prints. They’ve got cloud-print sherpas, wavy sherpas, acid trip sherpas, cow-print sherpas… we’re enchanted, and they’re going for under $75 today for Black Friday.

Ray-Bans are still cool, dammit

One of my friends recently mused that Ray-Ban shades were uncool in my presence, to which I responded by immediately whipping out my Clubmasters (which are also on sale), slapping them on my face, and continuing about my day. I’m still steamed, so I’m doubling down on my Ray-Ban stanning by picking up this pair of classic Wayfarers. Also, gotta be polarized, people—take care of your eyes. —Ian Burke


Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

These Grateful Dead aprons 

The whole Rec Room staff doesn’t know it yet, but we’re all going to be buried in these Grateful Dead x Hedley & Bennett aprons—which are 30% off right now—when the rapture is nigh, and it’s time to reunite with Jerry. —Mary Frances Knapp

Hedley & Bennett

Grateful Dead X H&B Tie Dye Bears

This will look great in my imaginary 1971 redwood home

Maybe it’s the walnut-finish or those nonchalantly crossed, oversized wooden legs on this table—whatever the reason, it just makes me feel like a cooler, better-read version of myself from the 70s. I can’t wait to have coffee and play Animal Crossing on this.  —Mary Frances Knapp

I’m telling my kids this was the Titanic gemstone

Cheers to butt plugs that are pretty enough to deserve a spot on the mantle, man. This one is 60% off and would make a perfect stocking [winks in horny] stuffer for your sweetie pie’s pie  —Mary Frances Knapp


Jewelled Metal Butt Plug 2.5 Inch

Because good god it's bright in here

I always thought sleep masks were for, like, Zsa Zsa Gábor or some other poodle-and-Champagne-energy type people. No way, man. These things are lifesavers for helping you get deep, restful sleep regardless of how much the morning sun is trying to blast into your retinas. All the better if it's made of washable silk, like Lunya's—all of the brand’s stuff is great, and their site is 26% off right now for Black Friday. —Hilary Pollack


Washable Silk Sleep Mask

The best CBD topical ever, IMO

A few years back, a coworker gave me some of Lord Jones' CBD body lotion to help with my neck and shoulder pain, and I've been a loyal fan ever since. It smells amaaaaaazing, works super well, and has a delightful menthol tingle when you apply it. Lord Jones is having a huge Cyber Week sale (already launched) with up to 35% off sitewide if you use the promo code GIFT2021; I shall be stocking up on this stuff, and the more you buy, the more you save. —Angel Kilmister

Lord Jones

Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion

The crushing weight of the world but make it pleasant

You spend a third of your life sleeping, which means that solid bedding is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your personal well-being. Weighted blankets, though often described as a cliché millennial attempt to revert to the womb, really are that good at providing cozy, dozy feelings of "I'm safe, sound, and far away from the Babadook, wherever that fucker is." Gravity makes one of the best ones, and the brand is offering a whopping 30% off sitewide right now with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY30. The code even works on already-discounted items, meaning that you can score the Calm x Gravity collab blanket, originally $320 and considered "the best weighted blanket for those dealing with autism, ADHD, or sleep disorders," for just $190.40. Basically, whatever your TikTok-feed-induced self-diagnosis is, this thing will mellow you out. Extremely curious about Gravity's weighted robes, too…  —Angel Kilmister

Calm x Gravity

Calm x Gravity: Original Blanket


Weighted Flannel Sherpa Throw

The Brutalist coffee machine is finally on sale

Over at Rec Room, we've been obsessed with this wonderfully bizarre concrete coffee machine forever. It's chic, terrifying, and absolutely a kitchen-defining objet, and over at SSENSE's fatty Black Friday sale, it's 25% off—the first time we've ever seen it for under a G. Please, put this in your home, someone, anyone! We wish we were you.  —Hilary Pollack


Grey Concrete Espresso Maker

Happy holidays, and see you under the mistletoe (it’s just weed). 

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