Cleveland Rapper NoonieVsEverybody Is Putting In Work

Watch his documentary series, STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS.
NoonieVsEverybody Press Photo
Photo by Sham Scott

NoonieVsEverybody turned 18 in February, but he speaks with the gravity and mindfulness of someone much older. His debut mixtape, STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS, unveils the flows, vocal performance, and lyrics of an ambitious and hungry young artist with knowledge beyond his years. The mixtape is carefully sewn together with interludes, including Noonie’s stories about Cleveland and growing up in poverty.


Noonie has released the first episode of his documentary series, made up of four short and deeply personal episodes, and he spoke to Noisey about the project.

The first episode sees Noonie exploring Cleveland, reflecting on his childhood. “The main thing, really, was just showing where I came from and showing how everything came about,” Noonie said. “I wanted to show my roots, the people I hang around, my family, and why my music sounds how it sounds.” 

Noonie walked through his neighborhood—the places he stayed, the barbershop, and the deli—the latter of which he described as the center of the community’s daily life. “Your pop, your juice, your candy, whatever you want—you wanna get your phone bill paid?” he remarked. “You wanna buy some hair? Some lashes? They got it all.” He looks lovingly to Al’s Deli and lets his fans into the flow of his life in Cleveland.

Noonie’s family describes him as being ambitious and driven ever since he was a kid, focused on making money and refining his artistry. “I had a lot going on in my life, and I feel like I had a story to tell,” he added. “I started at 9 years old, but I took it seriously around 10, 11, when I made my first YouTube video. I just really wanted to get a lot of stuff off my chest, and I did that by writing music. I still do.”


The work ethic on which the foundation of Noonie’s career has been built is undeniable, and he has been rapidly expanding on it. “Like, how much a gamer can get on the game and play every day, that’s how writing is to me,” he said. “Back in the day, I would write every day, literally. I would go to school, I’m writing in school. I’m out of school, I’m writing. At night, whenever people are over the house, my mama is there, she cooking, they playing music, I’m in the basement, I’m writing. I had notebooks full of raps and full of songs.”

Noonie is still writing with the same vigor and determination. “I honestly believe I write now more than I used to write,” he said. “If not, it’s about the same because I never stopped writing. I believe writing is the most important part of my craft.” As his craft takes him to new heights as a recording artist, he has been careful to stay tapped into his truth. “Everything has to be original and natural,” he continued. “You can’t be afraid to show how you really feel, to show your emotions, because in this position, all that type of stuff makes you the artist you are.”

With his debut mixtape only a month old and his documentary series rolling out through May, Noonie is already working on his next mixtape, STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS 2. He is gaining momentum, growing exponentially, and taking his career to the next level with every release.

“The way I’m finna upgrade to the next mixtape, people are gonna see the real artistry in me. Everything that is coming out next is gonna be an upgrade, and people are gonna see what I can really do with the music, different melodies and different stories I can tell,” he said. “So be on the lookout for that, cause Noonie comin’. He comin’ hard, too.” 

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