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The Best Gifts for Cat Lovers, 'Cause There's Nothing Wrong With Preferring Cats to People

These cat advent calendars, ramen pet beds, and catnip blunts will make your favorite person start talking in "that voice."
October 29, 2021, 7:26pm
The Best Gifts for Cat Lovers 2021
Composite by VICE staff

The greatest rivalry of all time is not between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the Dodgers vs. the Giants, or even Oasis and Blur: It's between cat people and dog people. But the reason it's such an ideal back and forth is because both dogs and cats are pretty damn rad. But we're not here to sing the praises of dogs, OK? We're here to jock the power of cats, because letting a tabby or Russian Blue unexpectedly take over your life and make you into a cooing generator of ever-evolving nicknames is an experience everyone should have. 


With the holiday season right around the corner, it seemed like a great time to give a shoutout to our cat-loving brethren, and maybe even take a moment to think about what they might like to receive during 2021's gift-giving avalanche. Here they are: the best gifts for cat lovers… cat people… cat freaks… whatever you wanna call them. (Dare I say, us?)

The coolest cat bed ever

We spotted this ridiculously rad African woven cat bed a while back when we were hunting down attractive cat furniture that wouldn't ruin our home decor aesthetic. It's eye-catching, cozy, and bohemian-looking—and your ruthless hairball deserves nothing less. 


Modern Cat Bed

The second-coolest cat bed ever

So if the bed above looks like it came straight off the cat-bed runway, this one is more of a novelty pick. But it's an amazing novelty, because it's a pet bed that looks like a bowl of instant ramen. And sometimes those little fuckers are so cute, you truly do kinda want to eat them.


Instant Ramen Noodle Pet Bed

A cat advent calendar because why not??

We get advent calendars full of chocolate, booze, expensive skincare products, and sex toys. Why shouldn't our cats get an advent calendar full of dried salmon and other treats?

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Advent Calendar for Cats

Merry Makings

Merry Makings 12-Days of Thrills Cat Toy Advent Calendar


Nicer stuff than the hoomans have

We stan the celebrities who join us in our cat cult, from Anthony Hopkins to Taylor Swift. But apparently also among our brethren is designer Jason Wu, who put together a collection of ridiculously chic cat accessories for Cat Person, from food bowls to toys to litter boxes. We have no choice but to buy it all—no choice!

Jason Wu x Cat Person

Skylight Litter Box

Jason Wu x Cat Person

Hideaway Scoop

Jason Wu x Cat Person

Jason Catnip Pounce Toy

This epic, scary-cool lamp

Italian design house Seletti makes some of the most interesting home decor out there, from their iconic banana lamp to this half-Halloween decoration, half-high-art cat lamp that we know we would keep forever if we received it as a (very generous) gift. 


Seletti Jobby Black Cat Lamp

Perfect for the peeps who love that TikTok trend with the woo-woo noise

You know that TikTok thing with the cats hearing the weird flute noise and it conjuring up their genetic memory of being worshipped in ancient Egypt? Take it to the next level by getting your kitty its very own pyramid. 

For the person with all the plants 

Whoever invented this should be a millionaire. We stand by any inventions that help us forget that cats relieve their little b-holes inside your house. (A couple of VICE employees own this thing and absolutely love it.) 

Good Pet Stuff

Hidden Cat Litter Planter


To make your cat an Instagram star

Will the cat like it? Unlikely. Will it be worth a few moments of annoyance for a lifetime of memories? Undoubtedly. 


Cute Pet Hats (Set of 5)

Where ceramics and cat fandom collide

You know those “Sunday morning routine” TikToks (sorry, yes, another TikTok reference) that show influencer types gingerly sipping their morning latte with the paper and their purebred Persian? Go two birds, one stone with this kitty cat teacup with a built-in infuser.  


Lucky Cat Ceramic Tea Cup with Infuser

A catnip blunt

Seeing your cat roll around rubbing its face all over a catnip-filled blunt truly manifests the boundless joy that the holiday season is all about. The ideal stocking stuffer for a stony cat. 


Catnip Cigar Cat Toy

Meow to you too, buddy. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.