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Influencer Licks Toilet Seat for TikTok Fame in ‘Coronavirus Challenge’

Licking a toilet seat is super gross, even without the coronavirus threat.
Koh Ewe
Influencer Licks Toilet Seat Coronavirus Challenge
(L) Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash. (R) Photo from @realavalouiise Twitter.

Oh, the ridiculous things people do amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Besides hoarding toilet paper, microwaving banknotes, and trying to euthanise their dogs, the coronavirus is now, apparently, an excuse for people to lick gross things for fame.

TikTok user Ava Louise blew up after posting a video of herself licking the seat of a toilet bowl in an airplane and trying to start a “coronavirus challenge.”


The video has since been taken down from TikTok, but was reposted on Twitter.

Even without the coronavirus threat, licking a toilet seat is super gross and totally unnecessary. Some experts say that the coronavirus could be transmitted through fecal matter and urine, making the stunt completely stupid and hazardous.

It appears that the “coronavirus challenge,” didn’t become an actual trend on TikTok — most people probably have enough common sense to know that online attention just isn’t worth risking your health for.

However, her viral video did spawn equally dumb stunts, like this person who licked a doorknob.

After her TikTok video went viral and, of course, garnered lots of backlash, Louise posted a YouTube video addressing why she licked the toilet seat.

In the 6 minute-long rant, she claimed that she came up with the “fake challenge” knowing it would catapult her into mainstream fame. Apparently, she’s unfazed by the negative media attention surrounding her viral stunt.

“Thanks for the coverage,” she said sassily, “I don’t regret it, I’m not sorry.”

In an Instagram Story, she claimed that she had “cloroxed” the toilet seat before licking it, Mashable reported.

While some use #coronavirus on TikTok to incite public outrage for clout, the app is also a place for pretty educational coronavirus content and lighthearted memes about the pandemic.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has used TikTok as a platform to educate the public on infection prevention.


There's also this Vietnamese PSA that turned into a viral TikTok dance challenge.

Meanwhile, some are handling the public health crisis with Gen Z humour.

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