For $10, This Shelter Will Have a Cat Poop on Your Ex's Name

What could make for better revenge than having a kitty take a dump on the name of the person who dumped you?
Photo courtesy of Pexels

It’s that time of year where the struggles of being single really hit some of us. Couples everywhere are showering each other with roses, chocolates, and other useless gifts in over-the-top declarations of love, while those who are single plan another galentine’s dinner, or a self-love day to make themselves forget they’re single again on Valentine’s Day. It can make people look upon past relationships with fondness, and might even make them think they shouldn’t have broken up with their exes in the first place. Even the crappy ones.


But if you’re one of those people, this Valentine’s could be different. This time around, you can simply donate to an animal shelter to put your shitty ex back in their place. Lexington Humane Society, an animal shelter in the U.S. state of Kentucky, is accepting donations for $10 to write your ex’s name in the litter box where their resident kitties usually take a dump. Cats can be spiteful creatures, even putting your own petty ass to shame, and this could be a way to channel their pettiness by getting them to “take a #2 on your former #1”, as the shelter put it in a Facebook post announcing the unique offer.

The Lexington Humane Society is an adoption agency that encourages responsible pet care and adoption, and also spays and neuters pets at a low cost for families in need. Until February 15 this year, they’ll honour your donation of $10 by having one of their cats poop on your ex’s name.

They seem to have found many takers for this offer, with people reserving some kitty poop not only for their own exes, but also for those of their friends and family members. 

People have various ways of seeking revenge on their exes, and surprisingly, many of them revolve around faeces. In June 2020, a woman in London took a shit on her ex’s doorstep after he poured her some wine in a tumbler instead of a wine glass. In 2015, a man from Florida, U.S., also broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and pooped on several of her belongings, including her bed, her wallet, and a glass. 

You do you when it comes to dealing with your ex, we guess, but donating some money for a kitty to do the job might be a cleaner way to get back at the one who did you dirty.

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