Gen Z is Roasting Millennials for Their Side Parts and Skinny Jeans

Gen Z thinks everyone should part their hair down the middle and laugh only in keyboard seizures, but millennials aren’t taking shit from a “generation who ate Tide Pods”.
side part and skinny jeans
Photo: Allef Vinicius (left) and Laura Chouette, courtesy of Unsplash

It’s no secret that Gen Z has issues with millennials. In the past, they’ve hated on them for the things they hold dear, be it their avocado toasts, their love for wine, or their undying allegiance towards their Harry Potter house. 

But now, the Zoomers (NOT named after the online calling platform that’s taken over what were to be the best years of our lives) are getting even more personal, and really pointing out the nitty gritties that make it possible to identify someone born between 1981 and 1996 from a mile away.


First on the list, side parts. Apparently, parting your hair any way than straight down the middle means you’re old. Although some have interesting reasoning for it, for most, it’s just another one of those things that set the two generations apart from each other.

Of course, the millennials aren’t taking it too kindly.

Many have been making videos using this sound by a Tik Tok user called @missladygleep, where she asserts that there’s no one who looks better with a side part than they do with a middle part. 

Many have also been defying what they see as an absurd claim from the “tide pod eating” generation.

But it’s not just the way you part your hair; skinny jeans that fit you like second skin have also been called out for being a millennial mainstay. So put on your best mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or any of those pants that don’t threaten to block the blood circulation to your legs. 

And while you’re on your way to bin the skinny jeans, remember to dump the 😂 emoji, also known as the “face with tears of joy”, because let’s be real, who even is shedding joyful tears in this economy? 

For Gen Z, the only acceptable way to react to something hilarious online is through the classic “skskskskhjfks” or “ashdgkl” which to some might seem more like you fell asleep on your keyboard in the middle an online class.


While some millennials are trying really hard to fit in and appease the younger generation, most are done being told how to do their hair, how to dress, and now even how to laugh, albeit virtually.

As both generations scramble to part their hair the way their peers think is right, people who were born of the cusp of the two (like me) are mere spectators to the debate, sitting here all calm and unbothered with our side parts and our baggy jeans. We only draw the line at the Harry Potter obsession. Ain’t nobody got time for trans exclusionary bullshit.

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