Daily Horoscope: December 12, 2020

The moon enters Sagittarius today.
Robin Eisenberg

The moon in Scorpio makes a harmonious connection with dreamy Neptune at 2:36 AM, boosting creativity. The moon connects with power planet Pluto at 11:17 AM, finding us reflecting deeply on our emotions. The moon meets sweet Venus at 3:59 PM, inspiring an affectionate atmosphere. The moon connects with Jupiter at 7:23 PM and Saturn at 8:58 PM, finding us dreaming big while also thinking about standards and setting boundaries. The moon enters Sagittarius at 9:39 PM, encouraging a generous and outgoing mood.


All times ET.


You’re an independent person, Aries, but knowing when to accept help from others can majorly help you achieve success. The moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius today, finding you in an adventurous mood.


Today is all about partnership, Taurus! You’re learning a lot about your partner’s perspectives as the moon moves through Scorpio, and you’re going deeper with intimacy as the moon enters Sagittarius.


You’re busy tackling your to-do list as the moon moves through Scorpio, but your attention turns to relationships as the moon enters Sagittarius, finding you considering things from your partner’s perspective.


The moon in fellow water sign Scorpio finds you in a hugely creative mood today—and flirtatious, too! Some sweet exchanges may take place. You’re tackling your chores as the moon enters Sagittarius.


The moon in Scorpio finds you ultra focused on issues concerning home and family, but you’re in the mood to let loose and enjoy yourself as the moon enters Sagittarius.


The moon in Scorpio finds you having deep conversations today, but you’re retreating as the moon enters Sagittarius, finding you eager to cozy up at home. You’re contemplating themes like privacy and boundaries.


You’re focused on resolving financial issues today as the moon moves through Scorpio. Later, the moon enters Sagittarius, lighting up the communication sector of your chart, bringing news and conversations your way.



The moon is in your sign for part of today, encouraging you to sit with your feelings. Helpful energy flows in your social life and you’re feeling popular! Your attention turns to finances as the moon enters Sagittarius.


The moon is in Scorpio for part of the day, finding you in a day-dreamy mood. Catch up on rest. The moon enters your sign later, finding the world on your emotional wavelength.


Your focus is on your social life for part of the day, but once the moon enters Sagittarius, you’ll likely want to catch up on rest and alone time. It’s a great evening to lean into your spiritual practice.


Your focus is on your career and public life today. The moon enters Sagittarius, encouraging you to network. Make time today to reflect on your vision for the future, and align yourself with people who hold the same goals.


The moon in Scorpio finds you in an adventurous mood today, dear Pisces! The moon then enters Sagittarius, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your career and encouraging you to step into the spotlight!

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