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NY Tyrant: Att-i-cus! Att-i-cus!

As promised, here's Atticus Lish.
January 8, 2010, 3:29pm

As promised, here's Atticus Lish. I met Atticus last year and I got all beggy with him about whether he wrote or not and if I could get a story from him for the next

Tyrant. He said he couldn't find any of his stories (heard that one before), but he'd been messing around with some drawings if I wanted to see those. We don't really do "art" in the Tyrant but I still wanted to see what he'd done. You know when you find some obscure and unknown shit and you think you're the only one who knows about it and that it somehow gives you powers? That's what the package Atticus dropped off for me did. These drawings have the right ingredients. There is the perfect ratio of humor and disease, transcendence and decadence, laughablilty and pain. Tyrant Books will be putting out a collection of Atticus's work soon, but besides the few pieces we have ran in the last couple of Tyrants this is Atticus's official debut. Don't be shy. Walk up and say hello. Just don't get too close. He used to be an Ultimate Fighter. Atticus Lish, born 1971, is a freelance Chinese-English translator living in Brooklyn, NY, with Beth, his wife of 13 years.