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Listen to a Delicate But Dark Track from Tim Evans’ Solo Album

Evans’s music has taken a long and winding path from Hobart to Brooklyn.

Over two decades, Tim Evans has developed a name for producing malevolent and enigmatic music. From his early days in Hobart playing in Mouth and Sea Scouts, to Bird Blobs in Melbourne and then to Brooklyn's debased Degreaser, Evans has built a reputation as a unique live performer and songwriter that digs deep into darker emotional recesses.

Wretched Wings, his latest solo record, released on Ever/Never records, is a departure from previous work as it melds his saturnine lyrical content with traditional finger picking styled guitar. It remains dark and desperate music but is more in line with John Fahey and Syd Barrett then the psychopathic rock of Venom P Stinger or Dead C.

Listen to"Spring's Slaughter", a track taken from the album, that continues Evans dark and desperate music that at times brings to mind the gothic murder ballads of the Handsome Family.

'Wretched Wings' is available Dec 9 from Ever/Never Records.