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311 Was an Inside Job: Watch Eric Andre Waterboard the Pride of Omaha

He also beat them with a stick.

Last year​, Tyler, The Creator's interview on The Eric Andre Show was interrupted by a man demanding that we "investigate 311." It didn't seem to be a remarkable moment, given that Tyler was already in tears, his "father"—seemingly a sociopathic murderer—was watching from the rafters, and Andre had just pulled down his pants and farted onto his desk. But fans of the show picked the moment up and ran with it. They demanded 311 truth.


Last night, for the show's season finale, 311—a band that we interviewed the shit out of​—​were finally brought on for investigation. They played 1995's "Down," or as much of it as they could. As they struggled through, Andre beat the band with sticks and started to waterboard them. T-Pain turned up too.

Watch it below.

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