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Billy Corgan, an Odd Dude, Sues His Own Wrestling Company

The lawsuit against TNA Wrestling is sealed, so all we know is that the whole thing is probably batshit.

Billy Corgan is a casual conspiracy theorist​, a fearless renegade fighting back the armies of "Social Justice Warriors" that he compares to the KKK, a man who thinks that Donald Trump's candidacy is "cool," and a good buddy of the walking, grunting, hot-blooded inferiority complex that is Alex Jones. A long time ago, Corgan also made one brilliant record​. Maybe two​.

Did you know that he's also the president of a wrestling company? He is! It's called TNA Wrestling and he's suing the crap out of it. TMZ​ reports that Corgan is suing the company and filing for a restraining order against its owner, Dixie Carter. Carter's husband, Serg Salias, has also been named as a defendant.


Here's a quote from Corgan's spokesperson, Lissa Druss Christman: "As president, Billy is looking out for the long-term interest of the company, its employees, its talent, as well as its stakeholders and contractors."

Corgan was only named as president of the company a few months ago, with Carter calling him a "visionary" and a "savvy businessman."

The file is closed on the case, so we don't get any fun details, nor are we allowed to speculate on such matters.

Here's a video called "Billy Corgan Warns of Weaponized Zombies," though. So…

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