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There's More than Just Cow Meat in Your Burgers, Says Disgusting Study

Fresh or frozen, beef or vegetable—it's all contaminated.
May 10, 2016, 7:30pm
Photo via Flickr user Poster Boy

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If you already have plans to crack open an ice-cold America and BBQ up a couple of burgers on Memorial Day, you should probably stop reading now. Because after testing 258 fast food and retail burgers, results show that there could be more than just cow in your hamburger meat, Fortune reports.

Bay Area startup Clear Labs tested burgers from 22 retailers and 79 different brands, and found that 14 percent of samples came back "problematic," including three instances of rat DNA and one instance of human DNA—most likely rat poop and human hair that got stuck in the meat during manufacturing. Researchers also discovered that many of the burgers were cut with cheaper meat, like chicken and pork.

Vegetarian burgers weren't much better. Some actually contained meat and one black bean burger was made without black beans. If that's not enough for you, the study also found that 4 percent of the samples contained DNA that could cause food-borne illness. Enjoy your summer, everybody.