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Joyfully Ponder Life's Questions with Amaal Nuux's "Who Are We"

Afropop meets jazz meets life-affirmation on this Toronto singer's new single.

It's easy to think of Toronto as a dour place of groaning rap & R&B, but it's not all wintry darkness as this new song by Somali-born singer Amaal Nuux proves. Driven by a gentle, lush, and jazzy Afropop production, "Who Are We" is soaring, hopeful introspection. "We're more than we see, so let's be free," sings Nuux as strings and a catchy highlife guitar riff circle her voice like threads.

"This song is the result of a session with Beatchild at his last studio in the Beaches," says Amaal Nuux on the song. "I think is it one of the last sessions we had there, he came in with this concept that recorded; so fitting for the times. This song is like a call to action; as we were recording it, we would discuss current events and our role in this whole cluster of world events." Listen to "Who Are We" below.

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