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Mob Bounce and Boogey the Beat's "Vision Quest" Is a Spiritual Slammer

The BC electro-rap duo is also joining Gord Downie on tour.
October 21, 2016, 3:04pm

Mob Bounce,​ the BC-based Aboriginal rap duo of The Northwest Kid and Heebz the Earthchild, have just dropped a new track called "Vision Quest." The song rides Boogey the Beat's pummelling, moombahton-ish production, while the group themselves spit about the balance between the outer world of nature and the inner world of the spirit. It comes ahead of Mob Bounce joining Gord Downie on his Secret Path  tour. There's a shared appreciation between the two, according to the group: "Gord Downie is a legend who represents the perfect agent for social change in Canada. His work is shifting windows, and opening doors for Indigenous communities. Because of his passion for the cause, we have fewer passive allies, but that doesn't mean that we still don't have active opposition to deal with​."


Mob Bounce have broken down the meaning of "Vision Quest" as such: "The song in its entirety represents the contrast between man-made laws and natural law, as well as the outer/physical world and inner/spirit world. The song also represents the balance we are trying to live between the outer world and the inner world. It is an obvious conflict between the two that is hard for us to live in."​

"Craig's [Northwest Kid's] lyrics describe the inequalities of the system and the way it's designed and his process of awakening and seeing the outer world for what it is, whether it's political, social, or environmental. His vision is seeing the problems and issues and speaking up about them. Travis' [Heebz'] verse represents the inward, or spiritual journey, and also the collective conscious going through an awakening process, the realization that we need to heal within in order to make a difference in the outer world. The verse also represents the process of awakening and guidance from the ancestors."

Stream "Vision Quest" below.

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