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The Guy Flying a Nazi Flag in North Carolina Says He's Not Racist, Just a Fan of Flags

He agreed to take it down, but only because it's "worn out."

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A guy in North Carolina named John Brown— no relation to the abolitionist—has been flying a Nazi flag outside his house for years just because he really likes flags. Brown is adamant that he hates Nazis, isn't racist, and doesn't consider the flag to be offensive, and he has continued to fly it for years, amidst ongoing complaints from people in his town.

Neighbors who know him say that the flag is just "John being John," and that he's both an avid war buff and a big fan of German war-era music. Now, finally, Brown has agreed to take it down—but not because it's a notorious symbol of hate. He just thinks the flag is "worn out" and "no longer fit to sit on a flag pole."

Brown faced similar complaints from his neighbors in 2012, when he was flying a Nazi SS flag outside his house. That one wasn't a beacon of hate, either, of course. "It don't mean hells-bells or nothing," Brown said. "It is two lightning bolts. It stands for 44. It's in the Bible." Whatever you say, man.