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MC Hammer Says He Hates Hammers Because He's Shilling Adhesive Wall Hangers Now

The hip-hop superstar has turned his back on the very tool that gave him his namesake.

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In a recent attempt to make a few bucks as a spokesman for those sticky Velcro Command Strips that help people hang paintings without nails, MC Hammer—the man who once brought us "Here Comes the Hammer"—has turned his back on the very household tool that gave him his namesake.

After gaining huge success in the 90s for telling people what they can and cannot touch, MC Hammer became arguably even more famous for winding up $13 million in debt. Luckily, the 2000s have been a bit kinder to the former hip-hop superstar, and these days he can be found preaching the good word as a minister, speaking at high school graduations, and hosting lip-sync battles in Grand Central Station.

In a strange, kind of sad branded interview with Huffington Post—set up by Command Strips parent company 3M—the rapper said that he has never really been a fan of hammers.

"Using hammers is always a scary proposition, man," he said. "You can hit your fingers. So I try my best to not have to hammer too many things."

He even axed the comma from his infectious catchphrase, "Stop, Hammer time!" now asking people to drop the nails and "Stop hammer time!" in a commercial for the adhesive strips. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

In all fairness, Hammer's nickname originated from his resemblance to baseball legend "Hammerin'" Hank Aaron, so maybe the guy truly just wants to avoid a disastrous power tool accident.