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Coolio Told Us About the Racists Who Tried to Stop His Pornhub Music Video Shoot

After Coolio arrived at the set, the rapper says white neighbors called the cops because they wanted him out of their neighborhood.

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In the music video for “Take It to the Hub,” Coolio lives in a pussy paradise. Porn star Alexa Aimes dances in a dinosaur costume, and girls flash their titties, but according to Coolio, the video shoot was anything but a day in heaven.

Filmed on location at a house in Whittier, California, for Pornhub Records, the video features Coolio along with porn stars like Skin Diamond, Missy Martinez, and Phoenix Marie. After Coolio arrived at the set, the rapper says white neighbors called the cops because they wanted him out of their neighborhood.


Anxious to learn more about the controversial production of Coolio’s new song about masturbation, I called the rapper to discuss racism, the time he watched a girl put a vodka bottle in her vagina, and why he decided to record a song for a porn site.

VICE: How did you end up working with Pornhub?
Coolio: Me and my boy [Pornhub’s marketer] were just hanging out here in Vegas, man. We enjoyed hanging out, so we just exchanged numbers and was talking, and it was his idea. He was like, We should do a song, and we should shoot a video for it. I’ll put a bunch of porn stars in it. Whatever. Do something new and fun. And that’s what we did.

Is it true the cops came to the shoot?
At the first part of the shoot, we were shooting in a really upscale neighborhood at a really nice property. It was on like a hill overlooking a little section of the city—and the neighbors didn’t take kindly to seeing black people in their neighborhood, so they called the police. I guess the police didn’t take kindly to black people being in their city. They made it seem like some type of big commercial shoot and that we were doing something that was promotional. We told them what we were doing and that it was private, and they were like, “We don’t care.”

We said, “Well, you’re standing right here, and you see that there’s no noise. There’s no excessive traffic—there’s nothing going on that should be a problem with anybody, so why are you even here?” [The cops said], “If you guys don’t leave, somebody’s going to jail.”


I heard you left the shoot to hide from the cops. Is that true?
No, we didn’t go hide. We went and met at a [grocery store] parking lot to regroup and see where we were going to go finish the shoot at cause we were only halfway done. We just stopped there, and everybody ate a fucking popsicle.

You must have loved eating popsicles with porn stars. Who’s your favorite porn star? 
My favorite porn star is me. I’m in my mirror every day, and my second favorite porn star is Vanessa Del Rio. She got old, so she doesn’t do porn no more.

Who is your favorite girl from the video?
[This girl who] informed me that she does her porn in the butt. I don’t do in the butt too much though—that ain’t really my style—but she looks good. If she started doing it in other places besides the butt, then she’d probably be one of my favorites too. And then I liked the squirter girl.

Have you ever fucked a porn star?
That’s between me and me. You’re gonna have to ask me to find that out, and [I’m] not here.

You first met Pornhub’s marketing guy at the AVN Awards last year, right?
Me and [Pornhub’s marketer] hit it off really well. He’s cool as shit. Their whole staff, everybody I met, is about this life. Alexa was one girl there. She has a [degree] in something, but she’s sexy. When we first got to LA, it was the night before we did the shoot. We were sitting in one of the guy’s offices. I spilled some [tequila] on the desk, and Alexa said, “If you motorboat [tequila] off the desk, then I will do something.” I said, “If I motorboat this tequila off this desk, then I want you to stick that [vodka] bottle in yo cha-cha.” I motorboated it off the desk, and she did it! When I took it out, there was this other guy in the room, and he wanted to like lick it and eat the bottle with her.

Did it turn you on to watch her put the bottle in her vagina?
I’ve [seen] that before. I did that when I was like 15 or 16.

Wow Coolio. Your sex life sounds amazing!

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