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Vivienne Westwood Takes Her Clothes Off, and Jon Snow for Jimmy Choo

While we at VICE toil to bring you stories about prostitute-managed fashion labels in São Paulo, deep down we know that all you want is fashion's TL;DR. That's why we created Tidbits, a regular column that aggregates the dumbest, weirdest, and funniest...
March 22, 2014, 8:00pm

While we at VICE toil to bring you stories about prostitute-managed fashion labels in São Paulo, transvestites wearing bikinis made out of rats, Japanese kids who inject bagels into their faces, and photo shoots set in suburban tower blocks in Russia, deep down we know that, really, all you want is fashion's TL;DR. That's why we created Tidbits, a regular column that aggregates the dumbest, weirdest, and funniest stuff we see, watch, hear, or read in the fashion part of the internet.



Alex Olson, aside from being one of the best current skaters, has some very strong convictions that tend to break the skater mold. He’s really into dance music, dresses like most peoples' dads in the 70s, and generally doesn’t seem to give a shit about what anyone thinks—that's a really good character trait to have if you’re going to be a clothing designer, which Alex is now. Last February he finally revealed the name of his clothing line, Bianca Chandôn, which at first sounds more like the name of a Nicaraguan socialite or party promoter at Studio 54 than a label, but who’s to judge? For months he had been promoting the brand as a cryptic New York phone number: (917) 692-2706. For now the line just consists of nice shirts, sweatshirts, and the occasional skateboard, but there are plans to venture into other types of apparel. You can snag the newest release on the company's website, but good luck getting your hands on any of it because it’s selling out immediately—once pieces are gone, they’re gone. Thankfully they’ve been releasing all new designs every few weeks. The most recent drop was this week, so if you’ve ever wanted a tee that says “Hot = Dance / Slow = Love” or you really like the band Suede, save yourself the heartache and head over to the store now.


Kit Harington, a.k.a. Jon Snow on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, is, in a nutshell, every man’s man. Well at least he is “the man” according to 99 percent of people who are into the fantastic TV program, whose premise centers on incest, dragons, and a little person who is addicted to hookers, among other things. Jon is the ultimate man, because he’s the bastard son of Eddard Stark, and as a result of his daddy issues, he has developed major sword skills and is really good at killing everything. Also, since he’s such a bad boy, broken and unloved, the first time he ever went down on a girl he made her come right away. This probably sounds like a hot load of bullshit, but these are the main reasons why girls want to bone him and guys think he's a boss—and not just dorks who sit at home jerking off as they talk to magical elves in RPG games. Everyone gets down with Game of Thrones. It’s basically like True Blood for men, but with fewer naked male asses and more dirty whores who are D.T.F. Due to the aforementioned points, it was no surprise to hear that Jimmy Choo chose Kit as the face of their new men’s line. It’ll be strange to see Jon parading around in fancy shmancy shoes and carrying man purses, but the collection will probably be a success. At least one can only hope. We’ll have to wait until the next Comic Con to find out if die-hard fantasy fans finally stop dressing like creeps.


Seeing Vivienne Westwood in the shower is right at the top of our list of things we thought we’d never live to see, and now that we have, we can genuinely say that it wasn’t traumatizing in the least! As a promo for World Water Day on March 22, the eco-warrior designer stripped down to nothing and filmed herself in a fairly impressive bathroom, as she showered and schooled viewers on the importance of water conservation and how vegetarianism benefits the environment. But it wasn’t in the aggressive fuck-you-meat-eaters kind of way one might normally associate with PETA. Our founding mother of punk got her point across in such a tender and loving manner that even the biggest carnivores would second guess their animal style after watching the video. Also, we couldn’t help but notice that she looked incredibly soft and huggable—we wanted to reach out to touch her. After watching this, it's not hard to see Vivienne as an adorable grandma figure—you know, the one you aspire to live up to someday but never do.