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We Interviewed the Guy Behind the 'White Man March'

Kyle Hunt, an online “pro-White” activist, organized the White Man March as “an international day for independent pro-White activism.” It's supposed to be taking place today, so we interviewed him to see exactly why he thought this was a good idea.

Kyle Hunt's White Man March, “an international day for independent pro-White activism,” according to its official website, is supposed to be going down today in cities across the country. Hunt, a resident of Massachusetts who is active in the “white pride movement,” says that White people are “discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to White genocide.”


I sort of sympathize with this perceived “White man's burden.” Who wants to be blamed for all of the world's problems? No one does, and yet white pride groups almost always blame all of their problems on minorities. Read through a random pro-White website, and chances are, you'll be told that Black people, Muslims, Latinos, Jews, and all immigrants are the reason why White people are unemployed, burgled, murdered, raped, and incapable of finding a decent parking spot at the mall.

I asked to speak to Kyle over the phone, but he refused after discovering that I write a weekly column on racial issues. He was gracious enough to respond to my questions over email anyway. He sent back answers (most of which came with handy-dandy links to White-pride websites as “evidence”), with my questions highlighted in what Kyle described as “Commie red.” For the sake of my readers' eyeballs, I have changed them all back to black. Hope he doesn't mind them being black.

VICE: What kind of events are you expecting to take place as a part of the White Man March? You mention lightning mobs,” which I'm not terribly familiar with.
Kyle Hunt: People will be distributing literature, displaying signs, and getting our message out in any way possible. “Lightning marches” are simply non-violent flash mobs, keeping the location from the public so as to avoid confrontations with violent “anti-racists” and “anti-fascists” (a.k.a. anti-Whites), who deny White people the right to peaceful assembly and free speech.


How are you going about organizing?
This is a viral idea that has spread across the world. People are organizing on their own, but I have facilitated when possible.

The event is explicitly called the White Man March. Do you anticipate women participating?
Yes, of course. Here is a definition of “Man”: (n): a human being of either sex; a person.

What areas do you see having the most pro-White support? Is it primarily rural areas or cities?
We have support everywhere. Many White people are getting fed up with “White privilege” conferences, “the knockout game” and other anti-White violence, affirmative action and other discriminatory policies against White people, massive illegal immigration, and the anti-White media. It is very frightening that Jamie Foxx can go on Saturday Night Live and say, “I get to kill ALL the White people in the movie. How great is that?” (with laughter and applause) and NOFX can sing a song titled “Kill All the White Man.”

In most large American and European cities, White people were displaced in the 20th century and now represent a minority, which makes it unsafe to openly hold pro-White views. This is why our support seems to come mainly from the heartlands.

Are you attempting any other large-scale social action after this?
I want to see White people advocating for their interests en masse at least once a month.

Are you involved in local, state, or national politics in the United States?
I very well may be president of the United States in 2020, but for right now I am supporting some pro-White candidates from the American Freedom Party.


Your distrust of diversity and race-mixing is well-documented on your site, but you also say you are not a Klansman or Neo-Nazi. How do you make the distinction?
Are you kidding me? If you're not a self-hating White, then you must be a Neo-Nazi Klansman? Is any Black American who stands up for his race automatically a Black Panther or a member of the Nation of Islam?

Is there a way for the ethnic minority community to reach out to people such as yourself? As someone who is simply proud of your race, I'd assume you'd welcome some overtures of friendship.
I welcome support from all people. This is an honorable struggle for civil rights, which White men currently do not have. “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of White men and do not apply to them,” wrote Mary Frances Berry, former chairwoman of the US Commission on Civil Rights.

What does your ideal world look like, both socially and economically?
Socially, I would like to live in a world where each and every race (and ethnicity) is able to take pride in itself, honor its ancestors, continue its existence, and be free from oppression. I would like to see freedom of association restored, so that White people can choose to live in White communities and White countries, which should not be seen as “supremacy” since we would not be “oppressing” anyone else. In general, I would like to stop the ongoing policies of White genocide, which say that there can be no all-White countries anywhere, and there can be no all-White areas within the confines of those formerly all-White countries.


Economically, I would like to see everyone freed from the evils of usury, fractional reserve banking, predatory capitalism, and totalitarian communism.

Are you advocating for racially homogenous countries? If so, would you support White people leaving countries like South Africa in exchange for Black people leaving a country like Norway?
I am not advocating for the United States to be 100 percent White, as other races have legitimate and historical claims to this country, but I do think we should protect our borders and not allow amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, as this undercuts the labor of poor Whites, poor Blacks, and all other unemployed (or underemployed) Americans.

That being said, I do think Europe should be a homeland for the indigenous White European people. Concerning South Africa and Sweden, these are not my decisions to make, but since you brought it up, I would like to point out a few important points. There is an ongoing genocide of White people taking place in South Africa, with over 70,000 White South Africans murdered since the end of Apartheid. Thanks to “diversity,” one in four Swedish women are now expected to be raped within their lifetimes, almost entirely at the hands of non-White immigrants. Actually, South Africa and Sweden are now the number one and two countries in the world for rape.

A sociologist for the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention pointed out that crime statistics in Sweden are hard to compare to those in other countries, because when someone reports a crime in Sweden, each instance of the crime is considered separate, whereas they are grouped into one reported case elsewhere. So, these might be over-reported stats; plus, Sweden is seeing a rise in racial and sectarian violence. How would you respond to the issues with the stats you cite, and how do you feel about White-pride groups using violence in this way, even if their claims of being provoked are true?
[Here is a] video on Swedish rapes.

You claim that 70,000 white people were killed since Apartheid. In South Africa in 2010, the murder rate reached 18,000 a year, despite the murder rate in the country having decreased by 44 percent since 1995. Seventy thousand total murders since 1995 would be 5 percent of the total murder rate if South Africa averaged 20,000 murders a year in that period. Is it possible that South Africa is just a poor, violent nation where everyone is suffering? The country is a mess, but it sounds like you're saying Black people are specifically the problem.
Sorry, but I am very busy. Since 1994, more than 70,000 (and counting) White South Africans have been murdered, of which more than 4,000 were commercial farmers. Exact figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. These numbers are thus conservatively estimated. Here's Nelson Mandela singing about killing Whites.

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