More Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch


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More Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

You demanded more photos from the urban exploring trip to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. You're in luck, because here they are in all their illicit glory.
July 8, 2014, 5:20pm

Although Michael Jackson’s body shut down from a suspicious drug overdose five years and a week ago, worldwide interest in the misunderstood—and, by all accounts, creepy—pop superstar’s legacy is still alive and thriving, as exemplified by the interest in last week’s interview about urban-exploring Neverland Ranch. We got a number of requests to release the rest of the photos taken by our crack team of photographers, and we were like Sure, why not? So here they are. Keep a look out for the blue robot. You can't make it out, but the inscription on the robot reads, "HI KIDS! MY NAME IS ZORD. I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. I HAVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE PICKED JUST FOR YOU. THANK YOU AND BE GOOD!"


I guess we'll never know what Zord's "special surprise" was.

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