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This Week on Best of VICE Canada: Sarnia’s Chemical Valley and Grey Market Cannabis

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Still from The Chemical Valley.

This week's Best of VICE Canada, airing Sunday, January 17, investigates environmental racism and the grey market for cannabis in Canada.

In "The Chemical Valley," VICE Canada's Head of Content Patrick McGuire travels to Sarnia, Ontario, where a giant ring of chemical production, including 60 refineries and plants that produce gasoline, synthetic rubbers, and other materials, sits next to First Nations reserve Aamjiwnaang. The residents of Aamjiwnaang, whose proximity to the plants forces them to inhale toxic chemicals on a daily basis, are concerned for their health. A 2011 report by the World Health Organization found Sarnia's air to be most polluted in Canada.

Still from The Dark Grey Market.

In "The Dark Grey Market," VICE host Damian Abraham explores marijuana grow-ops and dispensaries in BC that are operating illegally or semi-legally. As the country waits for the Liberal government to formalize legalization, weed oils and concentrates like shatter continue to rise in popularity. Manufacturers are meeting those demands by spending tens of thousands of dollars making potent sheets of wax, sometimes using dangerous and legally dubious means to hit their targets.

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