Did Trump Make a Mockery of Our Political System Just to Launch a TV Channel?

According to 'Vanity Fair', Donald Trump may try to cash in on his supporters by diving into the media game, no matter who wins.
June 16, 2016, 7:00pm
Prepare to see this mug long past November. Photo via Flickr user Gage Skidmore

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As if the possibility of winning the American presidency isn't enough, Donald Trump may try to cash in on the audience he's mobilized this year by creating his own media conglomerate, win or lose in November, as Vanity Fair reports.

Although Trump's spokeswoman Hope Hicks vehemently disputed the idea that her candidate is thinking about diving headlong into the media game, the magazine cited sources close to the reality TV guru who took part in talks about a new platform that, like Trump's campaign, would focus on the blurry lie between entertainment and politics.

Trump moving toward entertainment full-time if he loses in November isn't completely farfetched. The real estate scion has essentially garnered massive amounts of free air time through his campaign and has clearly become a mouthpiece for a large demographic of the population that even Fox News can't seem to satisfy. Trump has reportedly expressed annoyance with how much money he generates other networks, so why not figure out a way to get a piece of that pie himself?

It's unclear what a Trump TV network would look like in today's oversaturated on-demand television market, but if his campaign is any indication, it's bound to just be all Trump, all the time—an unyielding spew of brutal rhetoric without a November expiration date.