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I Talked to Jeremy Scott and Rochambeau on Video Chat

Yay, it's New York Fashion Week again! It just started and I've already gotten to talk to fashion heroes through the magic of the internet. Please click on this link and watch our conversation about creativity, inspiration, Action Bronson, smoking...
February 7, 2013, 1:00pm

You guys need to bear with me, because I'm still pretty new to this whole fashion thing. It's such a fresh experience for me, that unlike everyone else in New York right now—I'm actually excited for NYFW. Running around to fashion shows and rubbing elbows with hungry models beats what I used to do in Cleveland: eat corned-beef sandwiches, get mustard stains on my shirt, and beat off to those free previews on porn sites without ever paying for a subscription. Actually, I still do that. But when I do, I have to time it just right, because now I have to talk to people ON CAMERA about important things like fashion. And when that happens, I can't look like I have poor table manners or I've just sinned. Case in point, yesterday I spoke with legendary designer Jeremy Scott and rising star designers Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler, who are behind the dope Rochambeau men's brand. The whole talking shindig was put on by my homies at Milk Studios and Google+ and hosted by expert fashion journalist and all-around swell lady Sarah Hay. I had a great time asking the designers some pretty deep questions, even though the hood-ass office wi-fi went out during the chat. Enjoy!



You can watch Jeremy Scott's new video for adidas Originals, here. It's pretty great. 

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