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Michael White's Late Night Munchies

Snoop Dogg came to our office this week and we've been feeling extra Munchies-y. We asked Michael White what his top five spots for some late night snacks were.
May 4, 2012, 4:35pm

Chef Michael White is the culinary heavyweight behind the Altamarea Group, which is comprised of seven of NYC's top restaurants. We stalked him in our latest episode of Munchies just so we could find out where the guy who knows how to manhandle octopi and casually hangs with the political dignitaries, rappers, and the worlds top chefs likes to get a bite to eat. Since Snoop Dogg came to our office this week, we've been feeling extra Munchies-y. We can't wait to dig into some of these choice recommendations:

Top Five Late Night Munchies Spots 


• Kafana  - I actually ate at this Alphabet City spot with Ozersky and Action Bronson once. It's a Serbian Joint. My favorite dish was the cevapi or mini skinless sausages. They are a combo of veal, pork, and beef—ground up and grilled, served with pureed onion spread. I could eat these all day, everyday.

• Pinkberry - There is a Pinkberry right near my house, which makes it hard to avoid. I buy pints and keep them in the freezer. I was pretty mad when they switched out the peanut butter for the salted caramel flavor, but I still stop here late night on my way home from the restaurants. These days I indulge salted caramel and peach swirl with streusel topping. It's yogurt though, so it's healthy, right?

• Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter - It's the real deal. The chicken in pressure fried and damn good. Ozersky and Action took me here too, after Kafana. We ate dark leg combos with a side of tomato pudding. The tomatoes are stewed with parmesan cheese and soggy bread. Really good.

• Mamouns – Sloppy falafel pitas late at night are key. But I tend to order schwarma at Mamouns. I get it in a pita with tahini and Israeli salad for crunch.

• Sheng Wang – Nothing beats late night hand peeled noodles in Chinatown. The noodle-peeler has the forearms of an Eastern European arm wrestler. He takes a block of dough and a sharp blade and peels the noodles to launch into boiling water. After they’re cooked, the noodles are tossed in a hot wok of sesame oil, Chinese broccoli, eggs, and short rib. The whole dish is like $3. Wash it down with a cold beer and you’re good. Not to mention that no one in the place speaks English, so you can eat in peace.

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