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You Have to Listen to Gordon Voidwell's "Bad Études" Mixtape

A blend of everything from '80s alt-funk to trippy layered synths and vocals.

There's something hypnotizing about Gordon Voidwell. Maybe it's because I just watched Prince on New Girl or maybe it's this Dilla-produced song we just premiered, but this is exactly the kind of shit I want to hear at noon on a Friday.

Voidwell—for those who don't know—released his debut tape in 2009 and has since collaborated with Twin Shadow, Chiddy Bang, Das Racist and more. His grasp on everything from production to layered vocals to 80s alt-funk vibes and glittery synths is just the beginning; every track on his latest tape, Bad Études, will transport you to the happiest or saddest place in your life.

We've got his entire new mixtape streaming below or for download here, and there's also some pretty badass illustrations of Black Bart Simpson done by RISD graduate Emmanuel Mauleon on Tumblr to go along with the release.

He's playing at Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow night, so you should go see him immediately.