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Watch GoldLink's Short Film for "The God Complex (When I Die)"

Directed by Nathan R. Smith and produced by GoodBoy Media.

There's a movement going down in the DMV but before you go through leaps and bounds to determine what to label GoldLink's music, he's already got the term: "future bounce."

Let the visuals, which are more along the lines of a short film than music video, for his song "The God Complex (When I Die)" be a perfect introduction to what "future bounce" truly means. This isn't the official single off of his forthcoming project but the first bit of music from The God Complex, which drops on April 1st. "When I Die" was produced by Toronto's McCallaman and the film is GoldLink's vision based on the idea of being a reckless kid in the street and feeling invincible.

But there's one catch: you won't be seeing GoldLink in the video, much like you haven't seen much of him over the past year. The stars of the video are part of a hip-hop collective from Baltimore called the 7th Floor Villains. Last week in an interview with Do Androids Dance, GoldLink was very straightforward about what inspires his rhymes:

"Because that turning up “woo woo” shit is corny and fake. Literally all I rap about is shit that I’ve been through and seen…all of it. Everything from questioning society, to gangbanging, to messin around with women, to struggling (no struggle raps though), it’s all authentic. I just simply rap about my life. More people should rap about reality."

We agree. Watch the short film for "The God Complex (When I Die" above, directed by Nathan R. Smith and produced by GoodBoy Media above.