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Follow Brandon Boyd into a Desert Full of Naked Women in Sons of the Sea's New Video for "Lady Black"

It's the latest clip from the Incubus frontman's solo project.
July 14, 2014, 4:32pm

You're reading Noisey right now, which means a few different things:

1. You're probably in your 20s.
2. You're probably stoned, or at least have been stoned in the last few days.
3. For a period in your teens, you really loved Incubus and still know the lyrics to "Drive."

So since all of those things are probably true and it's fun to be nostalgic, we here at Noisey are stoked to premiere the new video from Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd's solo project Sons of the Sea. The track is called "Lady Black," and this video is something you just have to watch yourself. The clip takes place in a desert and there are women around and some of them are naked and some of them are wearing black veils and then Brandon Boyd walks through and he's also wearing a black veil.

Describing the video, Boyd says that "a wanderer in the desert finds a mirror door, rumored to transport the brave into an alternate state where seekers dream in color. He is met by the dark Goddess and her cohorts and is lured continually deeper into the realm by the promise of a long awaited and much needed drink. Only to be thrust back out of the mirror door at the very moment his thirsts were about to be quenched."

Like I said, it's just something you have to witness yourself. We're gonna get stoned and watch this at least ten more times today. After you do the same, be sure to check out Noisey's lengthy interview with Brandon Boyd.