This story is over 5 years old.

Pearls Negras: "Pensando em Você"

They're a beyond feisty rap girl gang from the Vidigal Favela in Rio De Janierio.

Why did we get Atomic Kitten and Layer Cake and Rio gets these guys and City Of God? Teenage trio Pearls Negras’ mixtape Biggie Apple gives a foghorn voice to Rio’s disaffected youth, grinding the sexist lyrics that dominate Rio’s baile funk scene into the ground, then stomping on them with tribal rhythms and caffeinated beats. The aggression of their production and protest lyrics, in conjunction with their convulsive live performances have earned them comparisons to The Beastie Boys. Listen to the single “Pensando Em Voce” on repeat and feel bad about what you were doing when you still had braces, I’m guessing it wasn’t working with Yo! Majesty on the weekend.