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Life Is Meaningless, But Here's a Write-Up of the New Lil Wayne Song Anyway

Plus it made me dig up, like, ten videos of Stone Cold Steve Austin.
May 16, 2014, 3:14pm

Last night, Lil Wayne released "D'usse," the latest in his string of pretty good pre-Carter IV material, meant to remind humanity that Lil Wayne was once a truly great rapper. "D'usse" follows in the tradition of "A Milli" and "Six Foot Seven Foot," tracks that feel like dips into the neverending river Styx of rhymes that is, or once was, Wayne's brain. He calls himself "Tina Turnup," which is definitely the funniest name you can give yourself, and uses Hootie and the Blowfish as a metaphor for doing cocaine, which is obviously great.

I'm kind of reticent about declaring Wayne as being fully "back," because for a time during the middle period of this decade leading up to Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne was legitimately the absolute best rapper alive, displaying a creativity with words and a will to experiment in ways no other rapper was dreaming of. Though recent highlights such as "D'usse," "Believe Me," "Loyal," "Senile," and his verse on the remix of "My N—ga" are undeniably fun, they're just displays of good rapping, they're not making you go "HOLY SHIT I JUST SHITTED OUT MY BUTT AND INTO MY PANTS." Wayne these days is an influence, a cosign, not an innovator himself. Case in point: The hook of "My N—ga" is from Wayne's "Sky Is the Limit," from Da Drought 3. Wayne's appearance on the remix is an homage more than anything else. On the other hand, rap doesn't really have to be anything other than itself, so people who are worried about whether or not Wayne is rapping as well as he did in his prime need to remember that we will all get old and die, regardless of whether or not Lil Wayne saw a return to form in 2014.


Anyways, enough of that boring pundit horseshit. "D'usse" is produced by a dude named Lee Majors, who shares a name with the guy who played Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man, so here are some videos of Stone Cold Steve Austin that I enjoy.