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Problem Links with Salva for "Motivated"

Listen as Problem defeats all of his enemies in hand-to-hand combat on the surface of the sun.

Problem is one of the weirder rappers to ever lodge a national hit with "Like Whaaat," which flipped Young Bleed's Baton Rouge classic "How Ya Do Dat" into a West Coast rider anthem that Problem and Bad Lucc skated over like French Montana skated out of La Marina with your thot. But Problem, with his nasally flow and grating-until-you-realize-it's-perfect adlib "WAAAT" decided to take his newfound clout in different and far more interesting directions than just throwing up radio hits. Yeah, he's done shit with OGs like T.I. and E-40, but two of his best and most interesting new tracks have come with the electronic producer R.L. Grime, who laced him with the mindfuck of an instrumental with "Secondary," and now Salva, the bubblingly excellent L.A. hip-hop/electronic dude who cooked up "Motivated," which sort of sounds like Problem defeating a million fuccbois in hand-to-hand combat at Kazantip, except on the sun.


"Motivated" comes from the upcoming compilation What's Good LA?, assembled by the good people at Vans OTW and Friends of Friends.