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Tyler, The Creator - "Untitled"

A mysterious new track leaked over the weekend.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
October 8, 2012, 4:15pm

A little while back, Odd Future posted their own press release on Tumblr (pictured above).

The little JPEG suggests that Tyler will release his sophomore record (and third full-length) WOLF next month. However, we’ve heard literally nothing from camp OFWGKTA about the record, which is a little strange, especially considering that Tyler is consistently tweet-crazy, shelving out his life one 140 character caps-locked post at a time.

So, it’s a little safe to say that the record won’t be coming out. UNLESS, of course, it’s all a media ploy and a whole ton of press will drop when the record appears from nowhere. Who knows?

But until the record appears, here’s a little new music to tide you over. The leaked track is reportedly taken from a session Tyler did while creating Goblin back in 2009. It’s a little minute-and-a-half snippet filled with washing machine vocals and vaporized harmonies. GOLF WANG.