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Take Jaden Smith's Advice and Listen to STWO's "Beautifulicious" New Single "Haunted"

Is there a better word to describe STWO's lead single?

Photo courtesy of Bryan Allen Lamb

Jaden Smith is the closest thing we have to a modern day Yoda. Whenever he says something, it's probably in your best interest to listen to him. That's why, when he debuted "Haunted" on Beats1, the lead single from STWO's upcoming EP Distant, it solidified STWO's credibility as being one of the best producers of his generation. The word Jaden used to describe the song is beautifulicious, which will likely become a spin-off microgenre in the coming months. The song features Sevdaliza, an Iranian-Dutch artist with a captivating voice that fits perfectly into STWO's composition.


STWO was on tour in Chicago, and was actually in a hotel room when he heard Jaden Smith's praises. "I'm glad he likes the track. I wasn't expecting any of what he said live, and I want to thank him again for the kind words." During his speech, Smith said that he desperately wants to work with the Parisian producer, which seems like it's already in the works. "I know his team contacted mine, so I will definitely send him some beats."

Similar to Jaden Smith's dad's past rapping hobby, it appears that STWO's father also used to have an artistic side. "Will Smith is a legend, man. So is my dad! He makes beats too. Me and my dad have a lot of unreleased collab that I might drop one day. He's nasty on the keys."

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